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Earning a degree at DigiPen (Singapore) is just the first step of a much longer journey. From there, our alumni go on to pursue any number of exciting career opportunities in games, software and app development, finance, automotive technology, and much more. Since the graduation of our first cohort in 2012, DigiPen (Singapore) alumni have advanced their careers at more than 100 companies in Singapore and around the world.

DigiPen students are some of the best in their class. Over the years, we’ve had many DigiPen students intern at ASRD and subsequently join our team as full-time employees, and we’re proud of their continued contribution to our complex R&D projects.”

Mr. Vincent Yeap

Head of Engineering (AutoCAD), Autodesk Asia

A Growing Network

DigiPen (Singapore) alumni have proven to be highly valued and sought-after employees at startup businesses and large companies alike. Graduates from each degree program bring solid expertise and team-driven experience in the areas of computer programming, UI/UX design, digital art production, and more. Thanks to their skill and adaptability, many companies have returned to DigiPen (Singapore) to recruit from our student population for internships and full-time positions.

Our Strategic Partners

Since 2015, DigiPen (Singapore) has built a strong network of strategic partnerships with a number of Singapore's most reputable technology employers, each of which has hired several of our students and graduates.

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Autodesk Asia

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Acronis Asia R&D

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Bandai Namco

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gumi Asia

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Koei Tecmo

Koei Tecmo Singapore

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ST Electronics

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Ubisoft Singapore

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Continental Automotive Singapore

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DigiPen (Singapore)’s overall employment rate for class of 2017 graduates was 95.1%. The full-time permanent employment rate was 87.3%.

For a list of employment rates by degree program, see the 2018 Ministry of Education Graduate Employment Survey.

Paving Their Own Way

Whereas many alumni have joined the ranks of top companies, others have followed their own path by launching their own business ventures. These are just a few examples of recent alumni turned entrepreneurs who are taking advantage of new tools, platforms, and vast reserves of creative passion and energy to bring their dream projects to life.

DigiPen has exposed students to an environment that is as close to working in the industry, equipping them with skills to deal with those challenges. As a result, when they enter our company, they adapt quickly and can contribute rapidly to projects. We are proud to see their careers grow fast in our company.”

Mr. Raymond Wong

Senior Vice President, Koei Tecmo Singapore

A Focused Education with Broad Applications

Think a DigiPen education is only applicable to video games? Not at all! From developing business apps and enterprise software to designing consumer goods and VR simulations, our alumni have applied their talents to a wide range of professional pursuits. Be sure to check out our news section for even more alumni success stories!