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Will there be any penalty if I withdraw from the program midway?

If you withdraw from the program due to a valid reason(s), there will not be any penalty. You would need to provide documents to support your reason(s). But if you withdraw due to an invalid reason(s), DigiPen (Singapore) will claw-back the cumulative training allowance up to the week of termination.

Examples of valid reasons: medical emergencies (e.g. illness), family or personal emergencies (e.g. accidents or hospitalization), academic ineligibility (e.g. unable to pass modules).

Examples of invalid reasons: loss of interests in the program, poor attendance and missing classes, disciplinary issues such as violations of academic integrity or criminal offenses, among others.

What is the minimum passing grade for each module?

The minimum passing grade is C- (1.7) to pass for each module. If you are not able to obtain a minimum cumulative GPA of 1.7 and above after the first month, you will be placed on probation. You will be removed from probation as soon as your cumulative GPA is or above 1.7.

Comparison of Grades and Quality Points

GradeDescriptionQuality Points

What are my obligations during the program?

You should diligently complete this program within nine months. You should devote the best of your ability to this program and follow the timeline of six months of classroom training and three months of on-the-job training. You shall not during the program engage in any form of employment or accept any offers of employment from any entities other than the on-the-job training with the Partnering Companies.

What are my obligations after the program?

If an offer of employment is made by the Partnering Company to you, you shall enter into a formal contract to secure full-time employment with that Partnering Company on reasonable terms prevailing in the ICT industry in Singapore. If you refuse to enter into a formal contract to secure full-time employment with the Partnering Company even after the Partnering Company has agreed to provide full-time employment to you on reasonable terms prevailing in the ICT industry in Singapore, DigiPen (Singapore) will impose a claw-back amount not more than $5,500 on you.

Is there any bond in employment in this program?

There is no bond. However, the DigiPen (Singapore) Trainee Enrollment Agreement states that you shall serve the full-time employment at that Partnering Company for a minimum of six months from the start date of full-time employment. If you tender a resignation within six months, you should report to us and state the reason(s).

What will happen to me if I am not offered full-time employment by the partnering company?

DigiPen (Singapore)’s Career Services will assist you in your job search in the ICT industry.

Can I apply for leave during classroom training?

Each trainee must obtain at least 75% of attendance. You have to support any absences with an MC or other supporting documents. You may apply for leave by sending an email to the Program Manager and it will be subjected to approval by him.

How did DigiPen (Singapore) develop the curriculum for this program?

The curriculum was designed in consultation with inputs from the industry (Partnering Companies) based on the desired outcomes of the job roles. The curriculum was also aligned with the Skills Framework for ICT and approved by WSG and IMDA. Trainees who have completed the six-month classroom training would apply their skillset during the on-the-job training at the Partnering Companies. Each trainee who has successfully completed this program would have been holistically trained to be a Software Developer for the company with the potential of converting to a fulltime employee.

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