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The admissions process is administered by SIT and involves the following steps:

  1. Applicant applies and submits online application through SIT’s application portal. This application form is available at

  2. The application received at SIT goes through centralized processing.

  3. Applicants are shortlisted for interviews.

  4. All applicants are notified about their application status via email or through SIT’s online application systems.

  5. Successful applicants can accept offer at Joint Acceptance Platform or by completing an acceptance form (as stipulated in the e-offer letter).

  6. Successful applicants who accept offer will receive a pre-matriculation package via email.

  7. Successful applicants who accept offer will receive a pre-matriculation procedure by stipulated deadline.

  8. Successful applicants will them matriculate to SIT and collect the SIT Matriculation card.

For more information about the admission process, please visit

Admission/Denial to DigiPen (Singapore)’s Programs

DigiPen (Singapore) considers every part of an applicant’s materials and qualifications when evaluating the applicant for admission. Meeting the minimum standards is not a guarantee for admission. Applicants who exceed the minimum standards are more likely to be admitted.

Accepted undergraduate applicants will receive an enrollment packet via standard mail. This packet includes an official letter of acceptance and, if applicable, a request to furnish proof of high school graduation, polytechnic diploma, or completion of a bachelor’s degree before the start of classes in the fall. Students will receive their student enrollment agreement by email. By returning the signed enrollment agreement and proof of graduation, an applicant has conformed enrollment. Applicants who are accepted and enroll are required to attend an official orientation session prior to the start of the program.

Applicants who are not accepted to the Institute will receive a letter of rejection via email by SIT. When possible, DigiPen (Singapore) will attempt to provide information about the specific areas in which an applicant needs improvement if the applicant wishes to reapply in subsequent years. Please see the Reapplication Information section below for more information.

Reapplication Information

Applicants who are denied admission are encouraged to re-apply for a future year. By improving the areas suggested on the original decision letters (e.g. devoting more time and energy to a new art portfolio), many individuals who have reapplied for admissions have been accepted. To re-apply, applicants should submit a new application through the SIT application portal at

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