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DigiPen (Singapore) provides hardware and software that can meet the educational requirements for each course of study. It is possible to use only school equipment, but you may find it more convenient to have access to a laptop. DigiPen (Singapore) provides Wi-Fi and guest wired connections for laptop use.

Specific technical and software requirements vary by academic program. BFA in Digital Art and Animation students tend to have the most demanding needs, while the requirements for other programs are generally lower. As a student progresses into the higher-level courses, the technical demands usually become more intensive. Below are some general recommendations:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later; Apple Mac OS 10.11.x or later.

  • Processor: At least an Intel I7 64-bit or its equivalent.

  • RAM: 16 GB RAM

  • Video Card: If the laptop is to be used for art courses, it is important to have at least a 2 GB Nvidia video card — 4 GB being preferable. Using the on-board video that comes default with most laptops is not feasible for running high-end art software or for rendering images. Generally speaking, on-board video will be sufficient for students not intending to create digital art. Video cards exceeding these specifications are always preferable, but prices rise quickly with increased performance in this area.

  • Hard Drive: DigiPen (Singapore) provides backed-up personal storage for every student, so very large hard drives are not required. 500 GB is more than enough space, and is nearly standard on modern laptops using spinning disks. Less space, even as low as 250 GB, would be adequate. One way to greatly improve performance at a reasonable cost is to use a solid state drive.