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The Student Record System (SRS) will be your go-to resource for registration throughout your time at DigiPen (Singapore). In this section you will find information on how to use SRS to register for your initial courses as a student, as well as additional information about privacy rights, tuition, and billing. Please note that you will not receive your SRS username and password until you have enrolled.

There are several important registration deadlines you need to know as an incoming student. For freshmen who begin classes in the fall, registration begins in mid-July. The initial registration due date is August 1. After that date has passed, you may still add classes into early September, if there is room available in the course. You may drop classes without financial penalty until early September. Classes dropped after this date will incur a financial penalty.

  • Prior to Registration

    To register for classes, you will first need to create an SRS account. This section contains instructions for signing into SRS for the first time.

  • SRS User Guide

    This is a comprehensive guide to SRS features, including an introductory video tutorial to get you started.

  • Request Transfer Credits

    Certain academic credits from other institutions may be applied toward your progress at DigiPen (Singapore). Find out what credits qualify for transfer and how to request their transfer.

If you have any registration-related questions, contact the Registrar’s Office by email ([at]digipen[dot]edu) or phone (65) 6577 1900.

For tuition or billing inquiries, please refer to the Financial Assistance section on SIT’s website, or contact the SIT Registrar’s Office.

Disability support services are also available. Contact the Student Life & Advising Office by email ([at]digipen[dot]edu) or by phone at (65) 6577 1900 for more information about services offered at DigiPen (Singapore).