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Master of Science in Computer Vision

Introducing DigiPen (Singapore)’s first master’s degree program.

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DigiPen Singapore alumni stands in an open hall

Our Graduates Are In Demand

Our alumni pursue careers in software development, finance, games, and more.

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Connecting Students with Employers

DigiPen (Singapore) helps bring the industry to you.

New and Upcoming

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Master of Science in Computer Vision Graduates Look to the Future

We spoke to graduates Hriday Bhoyar and Saw Han Soo, who shared about their experiences in the program.


Department Chair Lawrence Pak on Mentoring the Next Generation of Digital Artists

Lawrence Pak shares about his experiences as a CG artist, plus his best advice for someone who wants to join the field.

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    Our Students Do Amazing Work

    Student Showcase
    • Ranked Top 50

      Ranked as one of the Top 50 Creative Schools in the Rookies Global School Rankings for 2023.

    • 1,614 Graduates

      Since 2012, DigiPen (Singapore) has graduated 1,614 total students across all degree programs.

    • 1,500+ Companies

      More than 1,500 companies worldwide have hired DigiPen graduates across all campuses.

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    Don’t miss any updates and get access to our digital viewbook!