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Career Services aims to connect students and graduates with the industry at large. The office regularly reaches out to employers to assess how DigiPen (Singapore) students are performing in the workforce and is constantly working to expand the employer base.

The office can provide you with a range of services, such as Company Talks, internship and full-time job facilitation, and on-campus interviews for companies looking to hire. The office also offers career counseling services and can give you guidance on resume writing and interview techniques. Additionally, the office organizes events such as the annual Career Fair, which gives you the chance to showcase your work to employers.


The Career Services office is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Contact Us

For general inquiries, please call (65) 6577 1900 or email[at]digipen[dot]edu.

Events and Services

Company Talks

DigiPen (Singapore) regularly schedules on-campus visits by some of the industry’s top companies, giving you the opportunity to meet with recruiters, learn more about the hiring process, and even participate in on-campus interviews. These events are open to DigiPen (Singapore) students only.

Career Fair

Every year, graduating DigiPen (Singapore) seniors show off their projects to industry recruiters. Instead of a traditional career fair where the companies have booths, our students set up booths and display their projects, reels, and portfolios to recruiters, hiring managers, and industry experts.

Career Guidance

As a DigiPen (Singapore) student, you have the chance to have your resume and cover letters reviewed, practice your interviewing skills, develop soft skills, and receive general career counselling sessions. Students are welcome to meet with a member of the Career & Alumni Services team at any stage of their academic career. Please email Career Services to set up an appointment.

Industry Testimonials

“Acronis is a strategic partner to DigiPen (Singapore), and has always provided high-quality education and unique skills to DigiPen (Singapore)’s students, helping them excel in the areas of particular relevance to our Singapore R&D Centre. As a global cyber protection company, Acronis works closely with DigiPen (Singapore) in harnessing local talent that is groomed by the DigiPen (Singapore) team here in Singapore.”

Mr. Vladimir Zatsepin

Vice President, Singapore R&D Centre, Acronis Asia R&D

“DigiPen (Singapore) students are some of the best in their class. Over the years, we’ve had many DigiPen (Singapore) students intern at Autodesk Singapore R&D site. They subsequently joined our Engineering teams as full time employees. We are proud of their continued contributions toward our complex R&D projects.”

Mr. Vincent Yeap

Singapore Autocad Site Lead, Autodesk

“BANDAI NAMCO Studios Singapore Pte. Ltd. intends to be the corporate group that works hand in hand with friends from around the globe, to make new innovations happen, to bring joy to the faces of people, and to continue providing content that provide happiness to all around the world.

Right from the initial stages of establishment, our company positions DigiPen (Singapore) as an important partner, accepting internships as well as providing employment.

We are most confident that the talents from DigiPen (Singapore), with their creativity and thirst for knowledge, will be able to contribute to the development of titles from our company, and bring forth amazement and enjoyment anew to the world!”

Mr. Makoto Ishii

Managing Director, BANDAI NAMCO Studios Singapore

“As a leading global player in developing innovative solutions for the car of tomorrow, Continental seeks to expand its automotive capabilities and challenge the limits. We are looking for technically competent and dynamic engineers with a thirst for creativity and a passion for automotive and ITS technology. We believe DigiPen (Singapore), through its highly academic world-class programs, has groomed its students to meet the challenges in our field.”

Mr. Lo Kien Foh

President & CEO, Continental Automotive Singapore

“gumi Asia has a long-standing relationship with DigiPen (Singapore) and had the pleasure to work with many of its students in our mobile game operations globally.

Being a top institute of choice for talents in digital arts, programming and game design, we have always found DigiPen (Singapore) talents to be equipped with the relevant skill set for our business. With the right training and exposure, they are often able to transit well into their job roles.

I believe DigiPen (Singapore) graduates are well-positioned to positively contribute to the gaming industry and we look forward to working closer with DigiPen (Singapore) in the future.”

Mrs. Delphi Tan

Director, Game Operations, gumi Asia

“DigiPen (Singapore) has exposed students to an environment that is as close to working in the industry, equipping them with skills to deal with those challenges. As a result, when they enter our company, they adapt quickly and can contribute rapidly to projects. We are proud to see their careers grow fast in our company, and we have even sent a few of them to our headquarters in Japan for training.”

Mr. Raymond Wong

Senior Vice President, Koei Tecmo Singapore

“DigiPen (Singapore)’s strong and practical curriculum prepares its students very well for the rapidly growing demands of the software industry, both in gaming and the industry-at-large. DigiPen (Singapore) graduates enter the workforce with a good in-depth understanding of creating scalable software architectures and are able to actively contribute from the get-go. NetVirta is proud to partner with DigiPen (Singapore) to grow our regional software talent needs!”

Mr. Andy Eow

Chief Technology Officer, NetVirta

“Over the years, One Animation has consistently received high-caliber candidates from DigiPen (Singapore) who are not only skilled but also have a mature work ethic and attitude.

The faculty at DigiPen (Singapore) have keen insights and a detailed approach to teaching that’s rooted in their years of experience. They focus on equipping students with what today’s industry really needs.

These students then graduate from DigiPen (Singapore) prepared to succeed and start their paths toward a thriving career.”

Mr. Enrique Caballero

CG Supervisor, One Animation

“We have recruited several DigiPen (Singapore) graduates and as a leading provider of advanced training and simulation systems, the graduates’ skillsets have proven to be highly relevant and we are pleased with the quality of their work.”

Mr. Tan Yuh Cherng

Executive Vice President and General Manager, ST Engineering Electronics

“DigiPen (Singapore) has been one of our go-to strategic partners for many years to find talent that can reach the standard required of the high-quality AAA titles we work on and our own IP. It has continued to work with the industry to fine-tune its curriculum and ensures that its students are always gaining relevant skills. We have been consistently pleased with how DigiPen (Singapore) graduates and interns have been able to quickly make meaningful contributions to our teams.

In addition to this, we’ve enjoyed the ongoing commitment DigiPen (Singapore) has made to support the video games industry. We believe that the development of our ecosystem requires strong partners that share our vision, and have often commended DigiPen (Singapore) on the quality of its own initiatives that have pushed Singapore toward being a more dynamic and inspiring place for game developers.”

Mr. Matthew Thorpe

Director of Operations, Ubisoft Singapore & Philippines