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DigiPen (Singapore) recognizes that education is an ongoing process, and graduates are encouraged to continue benefiting from their role in the DigiPen community by auditing DigiPen courses they are interested in.

The Alumni Audit allows graduates of DigiPen (Singapore) to take courses tuition-free within two calendar years after graduation. Participating alumni must review and sign an Alumni Audit Enrollment Agreement prior to attending courses.

Alumni may request to participate by submitting the Alumni Audit Application (by selecting “Alumni Audit Application” on the main menu). Your SRS ID and password will be necessary to start the application.

Contact Us

For general inquiries, please call (65) 6577 1900 or email


  • Alumni may take any course for which they meet the prerequisites.

  • Tuition, application, and enrollment fees are waived, but alumni are responsible for any course fees.

  • An administrative and technology fee of S$214 (inclusive of GST) is payable per application.

  • No grades or credits will be awarded for an Alumni Audit, and the audited courses will be recorded separately from an alumnus’s degree transcripts.

  • DigiPen (Singapore) will not assist in visa applications for participation in the Alumni Audit.

  • Alumni enrolled in the Alumni Audit are eligible for the following services while participating in the Alumni Audit: campus access, network access, and Moodle access.

  • Alumni may only audit courses that are offered and run during a given semester. Enrollment priority is given to matriculated students. Courses are limited to lecture and seminar coursework (i.e., Independent Study, Project Courses, and Music Lessons are not included in the Alumni Audit).

  • Alumni may only attend classes for the courses they are officially auditing.

  • Alumni may audit up to six credits per semester for up to two years after graduation.

  • Alumni may only retake a class once. Additional retakes of the same class require permission of the Dean of Faculty.

  • Alumni must enroll in at least one class per semester (including summer) to remain active in the Alumni Audit.

  • Alumni may re-enroll into the Alumni Audit at any time throughout the two-year period.

  • Alumni may be asked to stop attending any course at the discretion of the professor (e.g., for disruption, absences, misbehavior, etc.).

  • Any part or entirety of this policy may be changed at any time without prior notice at the sole discretion of DigiPen (Singapore).