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Students who wish to change their major are encouraged to speak with their academic advisor and Student Life and Advising Counselor before submitting an application.

To apply for a change of major:

  1. Submit your application via IN4SIT during the next SIT Admissions period (January to March). Application fee applies.

  2. Students who applied for change of major should continue their current degree program as per normal.

  3. If students are applying for a change of major to the BFA in Digital Art and Animation program, students will be contacted by the Institute to submit a portfolio. Please refer to “Additional Requirements by Program” in the Course Catalog regarding requirements of the portfolio. Portfolios should be submitted in a hard copy or electronic format, as originals will not be returned.

  4. All transfers will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Students may be required to undergo an interview and/or written test to assess their suitability for the new program.

  5. Outcome of the application will be sent to the student via email.

For further details on the period of application, procedures, and other relevant information on the change of major, please refer to the SIT Student Intranet.

Questions? Contact the Registrar’s Office at