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Want to know what DigiPen (Singapore) students are capable of creating? Check out some of these outstanding student projects in games, art, and animation.

Student Art

To excel in the digital arts requires more than innate talent. It takes years of discipline, study, and a keen understanding of the visual language found within nature, architecture, and the world around us. With time and dedication, students in the BFA in Digital Art and Animation program gain the ability not only to imagine new worlds altogether, but also the skills and insights to bring those ideas to life through captivating imagery. These are just a few fine examples of what our students have created at DigiPen (Singapore).

  • A tall, black, four-armed beast holding spears, wearing the pelts of a boar and goat, and the skull of a hyena on its face.
  • Gigantic metal sphere structures tower over futuristic cities as air/space-ships fly through the sky.
  • Still life painting of a copper kettle against a white background with an ornate wooden handle above.
  • A red-eyed, green-horned tropical frog sits on a branch as a leaf shields it from relatively massive falling raindrops.
  • A still life digital painting of plain white shapes (a cube, sphere, cylinder, and cone) lit from the left.


DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Zhang Zi Tian and Koh Shi Xiang sit in the office of Lionfish Studios, which they co-founded


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DigiPen (Singapore) alumnus Max Chew poses with a motorcycle, with a mountain in the background


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DigiPen (Singapore) alumnus Chester Liew stands in front of a wall adorned with the Shopee logo


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