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Are you a problem solver by nature? Do you marvel at the inner workings of complex systems? Whether you’ve already dabbled in programming languages or you don’t know the difference between an “if statement” and a “while-loop,” DigiPen (Singapore)’s computer science programs provide a number of paths for students interested in starting a career in software engineering or video game development.

These degree programs share a common set of ideas and curricula. Both programs begin with an introduction to the world of math and computer programming. The assignments you complete and the code you write will quickly grow in scope and complexity, but through daily practice you may surprise even yourself with the pace at which you are learning and progressing.

  • BS in Computer Science and Game Design

    This degree prepares you for a career as a hybrid engineer and designer, versed in both computer programming and game design. You’ll be a versatile asset on any professional software development team.

  • BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation

    DigiPen’s rigorous flagship degree program provides a foundation in the math, physics, and computer science that go into games and graphical simulations, making this an excellent program for aspiring game and software developers.

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