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At DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore, you will experience a rigorous education designed to prepare you for exciting job opportunities within the global digital economy. Through your studies, you will develop the theoretical frameworks and foundational knowledge that will be relevant and useful throughout your career.

In addition to your regular coursework and assignments, you will be applying your knowledge to hands-on team projects that leverage communication and interdisciplinary collaboration. This project-based focus challenges you to solve difficult problems as you work together to create original games, software, animations, and more in an academic environment that replicates the professional production studio. By the time you graduate, you will have a strong grasp of foundational knowledge in your field, the ability to innovate new solutions, and a portfolio of work that can help you stand out to prospective employers.

Degree Programs at DigiPen (Singapore)

Our five bachelor’s degree programs fall into three basic categories:

Art and Design

  • BA in Game Design

    This interdisciplinary degree combines coursework in game design theory, the humanities, and social sciences. Students learn the skills necessary to craft engaging and meaningful experiences for all types of games, applications, and other interactive media.

  • BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    This rigorous program for aspiring digital artists begins with the fundamentals of artistry and culminates in advanced projects creating high-quality games or animated films. By the end of the program, you will have a deep understanding of the production pipelines used in the professional industries.

Computer Science

  • BS in Computer Science and Game Design

    This degree prepares you for a career as a hybrid engineer and designer, versed in both computer programming and game design. You’ll be a versatile asset on any professional software development team.

  • BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation

    DigiPen’s rigorous flagship degree program provides a foundation in the math, physics, and computer science that go into games and graphical simulations, making this an excellent program for aspiring game and software developers.


  • B.Eng. in Systems Engineering (ElectroMechanical Systems)

    The B.Eng in Systems Engineering (ElectroMechanical Systems) — or SEEMS — is a multidisciplinary degree program that brings together the fields of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering with a holistic approach to system development. SEEMS is a joint degree program offered through Singapore Institute of Technology and DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore.

Current Courses

Looking for a listing of available courses? Here, students can find the titles, descriptions, and prerequisites for all courses relevant to the current semester. Students planning their upcoming course schedules should first consult with their Student Success Advisor.


In addition to our five undergraduate degree programs, students can also pursue a number of minors to bolster their knowledge in specific areas of study.

Continuing Education

DigiPen (Singapore) offers continuing education through its Attach-and-Train (AnT) program, which aims to re-skill individuals to enter the workforce in the fast-growing high-tech sector. These programs help to educate and provide direct job placement at some of Singapore’s most prestigious companies.

Youth Programs

Our educational programs go beyond our bachelor’s degree programs. We also provide continuing education programs supported by Workforce Singapore, customized art and technology workshops for pre-university schools, and more.

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