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DigiPen (Singapore) faculty members bring extensive academic and industry experience into the classroom. Instructors are passionate about educating and inspiring the next generation of creators and innovators. The following academic departments cover a wide spectrum of topics that give students a solid foundation in the arts and sciences.

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See each department page for a full list of faculty by department.

Academic Departments

Computer Science

Acting Department Chair - Prasanna Kumar Ghali

Faculty from the Department of Computer Science bring an attitude of innovation into the classroom as demonstrated by the many patents and publications in their backgrounds. Students taking courses in the department learn foundational concepts in computer science, which enable them to understand topics from the ground up. This methodology leads to a wide range of future specializations and potential careers.

Digital Arts

Department Chair - Pak Zhi Heng “Lawrence”

The faculty of the Department of Digital Arts draw on many years of experience as professional artists and animators in both 2D and 3D media. By learning efficient illustration, graphic design, and 3D asset creation from veteran industry artists, students gain a realistic understanding of working in a modern digital art production environment.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department Chair - Fong Foo Hoong

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty bring a wealth of expert knowledge in a variety of fields such as microprocessors, embedded and cyber-physical systems, acoustics, signal processing, and more. Faculty instructors guide students in hands-on systems engineering projects, which provide students with an in-depth understanding of modern hardware and computer systems.

Fine Arts and Animation

Department Chair - Dominic Chang Yeat Cheng

Faculty in the Department of Fine Arts and Animation have backgrounds in many fields, including both the traditional avenues of illustration, painting, and sculpture, as well as other media such as filmmaking, animation, and 3D modeling. The faculty bring years of experience in television production, video game development, graphic novels, and more.

Game Software Design and Production

Department Chair - Michael David Thompson

The Department of Game Software Design and Production is home to faculty who bring decades of experience in the game and software industries. Students learn from expert designers and producers who know what it takes to create a successful product from beginning to end in a professional studio environment. The department emphasizes collaborative project-based learning, meaning students gain true-to-life working experience in their future fields.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Department Chair - Shanthina Ravindran

Faculty in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences help students to examine media — such as games, literature, and more — with an eye to the messages being communicated through narrative and presentation. Students learn to engage and examine the psychological and philosophical significance behind the games, systems, and narratives they consume and create.

Mathematics and Physics

Department Chair - Dr. Wu Yilin

The faculty of the Department of Mathematics and Physics are active researchers in fields such as mathematical logic, spectral methods, and computability theory. Students learn the essential mathematics skills and physical knowledge that directly relate to their project work in 3D graphics, computer simulation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more.

Music and Sound Design

Director - Vuk Krakovic

The Department of Music and Sound Design provides introductory and special topics coursework, taught by expert faculty with extensive music and composition experience. Special emphasis is placed on the application of digital music and sound in multimedia projects such as film, animation, and video games.

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