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Applying for Graduation

Candidates for graduation may submit their graduation application in SRS according to the following deadlines:

Graduation SemesterApplication Deadline
April (Spring)December 1
August (Summer)April 1
December (Fall)August 1

A degree audit will be conducted by the Registrar’s Office which may take four to six weeks. The current class registration will be reviewed as well. If there is a need for the student to take more classes to complete the remaining credits, the student will be advised by the Registrar’s Office.

Once all grades are submitted, a final degree audit will be conducted and will be the basis for the final approval for graduation. A notification email will be sent to the student confirming the degree completion.

There will be a S$214.00 (GST inclusive) graduation fee payable to the Institute. Payments could be made in cash, check, or wire transfer. Please contact the Accounting Department if you need any assistance.

Note that non-payment of graduation fees may result in the withholding of transcript and diploma.

Degree Audit

A degree audit informs you of the remaining courses and number of credits required to complete your program. You are strongly encouraged to check your degree audit information in SRS after each semester.

Graduating students may request a formal degree audit from the Registrar by submitting the graduation application form. A degree audit will be issued to students within four to six weeks from the date of request.

Graduating With Honors*

Students with a cumulative GPA (CGPA) of 3.50 and above are eligible to graduate with honors. The rank is based on the following CGPA range:

HonorCGPA Range
Summa Cum Laude (1st Honor)3.85 - 4.0
Magna Cum Laude (2nd Honor)3.70 - 3.84
Cum Laude (3rd Honor)3.50 - 3.69

Please contact the Registrar’s Office if you would like to learn more about graduating with honors.

*The honor classifications mentioned above are not applicable to the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Systems Engineering (ElectroMechanical Systems).


Official transcripts are not released automatically to students. To request a transcript, please complete the Transcript Request form and return it to the Registrar’s Office. Processing time is within five to seven working days from the request date.

You may request up to three official transcripts per semester free of charge. Upon graduation, one complimentary official transcript will be issued.

Succeeding transcript requests will be charged per page.

Transcript TypeFee/Page

Please contact[at]digipen[dot]edu for more information.


Diplomas are issued within six to eight weeks from the date of graduation. The Registrar’s Office will notify all graduates once the diplomas are released.

Students may request a second copy of their diploma in case of loss or damage. Diploma replacement fee costs S$214.00 per copy (GST inclusive).

Release of Transcripts and Diplomas

If you are unable to collect your transcripts and diplomas in person, these documents may be sent via mail or released to an authorized representative upon your request. You must complete the Authorization for Collection of Transcript and/or the Authorization for Collection of Diploma form when choosing release by the following methods:

  • To an authorized representative: The authorized representative must present the completed Authorization for Collection of Diploma/Transcript form and bring a copy of your NRIC/FIN/passport along with your identification card (NRIC/FIN/passport) at the time of collection.

  • Via Registered Mail: When requesting a transcript by mail, you must select the mailing option and indicate the complete postal address on the Authorization for Collection of Diploma/Transcript form.

Local postal fees are waived. International mailing via FedEx or any other registered courier service may incur postage fees.

Note that the Institute will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the transcript or diploma due to mailing.