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DigiPen Institute of Technology’s Redmond and Bilbao campuses host students from DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore for one trimester through the Overseas Immersion Programme. The OIP is compulsory for all undergraduate students in the SIT-DigiPen (Singapore) joint degree and DigiPen (Singapore) degree programs.

This program allows DigiPen (Singapore) students to take one trimester of degree modules in either the Redmond or Bilbao campus toward fulfilling their degrees. Participation in the OIP will be reflected in SIT students’ Record of Achievement (ROA).

Students will participate in the OIP in Year 2, Trimester 3 of their academic study.

Cost of the OIP

Students can refer to the SIT Global Experience webpage for information on the estimated cost range of the program. Students who are Singapore citizens or are a Singapore Permanent Resident can apply for SIT’s Overseas Student Programme (OSP) loan or use their PSEA for the OIP. For more information, please visit SIT Student Intranet.

DigiPen Housing for the OIP

Accommodation during the OIP will be arranged by DigiPen Housing in both Redmond and Bilbao. It is mandatory for all OIP students to stay at one of the apartments arranged by DigiPen Housing as the school must know your whereabouts in the event of a recall during emergencies. The location of the housing will be confirmed three months before the start of the OIP. Students may choose their housemates. All housing options are apartment-styled and located close to the campus. For the Redmond campus, see the Housing Options page to view a list of housing options and their amenities, photos, and video walk-throughs of sample units. For the Bilbao campus, see Livensa Living Bilbao’s website.

If you are a current DigiPen (Singapore) student and have questions about housing for the OIP, please email

Student Visa for the OIP

Students must apply for an F-1 visa to the United States for the sole purpose of full-time study for the OIP. For more information, visit the Immigration Regulations page for our campus in the United States. The Student Life and Advising Office will provide you with the necessary information for your visa application during the annual OIP briefing. Students going to Bilbao for the OIP do not need to apply for a student visa.

If you are a current DigiPen (Singapore) student and have questions about the visa, please email

OIP Registration

All OIP students must register for the OIP. More information will be provided after the annual OIP briefing in October. Before you start the application process, please check your passport validity. As a general rule, your passport should have at least six months of validity before your travel date.

If you are a current DigiPen (Singapore) student and have questions about the OIP, please email the Student Life and Advising Office at