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Minors are secondary academic concentrations that students may obtain by satisfying criteria set out by the respective academic department. The following minors are available at DigiPen (Singapore) for Academic Year 2019/2020 intake and earlier:


The minor in art provides students with a fundamental understanding of traditional and digital art principles, as well as substantial art-making experience resulting in critique and instructor feedback.

Minor Requirements

To earn an art minor at DigiPen (Singapore), students must complete a block of 18 credits satisfying the following:

  • Three credits from ART 101 or ART 102
  • And three credits from ART 125 or ART 126

And 12 additional credits from the following:

  • ART 110, ART 111, ART 115, ART 151, ART 201, ART 222, ART 223, ART 226, ART 228, ART 230, ART 251, ART 260, ART 300, ART 310, ART 350
  • CG 125 or CG 130
  • CG 201 or CG 102
  • CG 225, CG 251, CG 275
  • FLM 115, FLM 151, FLM 201
  • ANI 101, ANI 151

All credits must be earned with a grade of “C-” (or 1.7 quality points) or better.


The minor in English provides a structured way for students to develop and hone their analytical, creative writing, and professional communications skills. Students who complete the English minor will acquire an understanding of human endeavor as expressed in literature and — by extension — other forms of creative expression.

Minor Requirements

To earn an English minor, students must complete a minimum of 18 credits in ENG courses with a C- (or 1.7 quality points) or better. Except for ENG 450, all ENG courses count toward the English minor. Students must also take at least one upper-division ENG course numbered 300 or above.


A minor in mathematics provides students with foundational mathematics skills and knowledge used in a wide variety of technical fields and professions.

Minor Requirements

To earn a math minor at DigiPen (Singapore), a student must complete a block of 27 credits satisfying the following:

  • The courses are taken from MAT 140 or higher
  • Six credits must be numbered 300 or higher
  • At least nine credits in this subject area must be taken at DigiPen (Singapore)

All credits must be earned with a grade of “C-” (or 1.7 quality points) or better.

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