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DigiPen (Singapore) offered the Attach-and-Train (AnT) Programme from 2018 to 2020.

Spanning three programs focused on different disciplines, the AnT program was a manpower development program jointly supported by Workforce Singapore, under their Professional Conversion Program (PCP). Retraining Singaporean/PR professionals, managers, executives, and technicians (PMETs) for the info-communications technology sector was among the goals of the program.

Program Overview

Artificial Intelligence Software Developer

Trainees were reskilled into artificial intelligence software developers, primarily for games. In addition to learning about software development and programming paradigms, trainees had the chance to work with and implement core AI algorithms for game software applications. Trainees studied various methods of AI architecture and advanced AI techniques. The skills equipped through the program were also applicable in areas beyond games.

Cybersecurity Software Developer

Trainees who successfully completed the program were able to understand the internal mechanisms and technologies governing the execution of programs in computer systems and apply this knowledge in various programming languages essential to cybersecurity.

Embedded Software Developer

Trainees learned the foundations of programming while studying fundamental algorithms and data structures commonly used in the field of computer science. Subsequently, trainees utilized this knowledge to explore the architecture of embedded microcontroller systems by studying their internal components, networking peripherals, and the key facilities offered by real-time operating systems.


Classroom Training

The completion of this full-time program ranged from six to nine months. Classroom training lasted four to six months, after which trainees spent two to three months with on-the-job training at the respective partnering company they were attached to.

On-the-Job Training

DigiPen (Singapore) worked with partnering companies to identify potential employment opportunities upon successful graduation from this program.

Partnering Companies

  • Acronis
  • Continental Automotive Singapore
  • Fujitsu Asia
  • GovTech
  • gumi Asia
  • MSI Global
  • ST Engineering Electronics
  • Ubisoft Singapore

It has been a pleasant experience working with DigiPen (Singapore) on this program. Partnering with DigiPen (Singapore) has helped to expand our talent pool. As we offer candidates opportunities for a successful career switch, they have also contributed to the company in a positive and meaningful way. We have recruited several DigiPen (Singapore) graduates and their skillsets have proven to be highly relevant to our business in providing advanced training and simulation systems. We are pleased with the quality of their work and are positive about the progress of the AnT program.”

Mr. Tan Yuh Cherng

ST Engineering Electronics

Executive Vice President and General Manager of Training and Simulation Systems

Training Allowance

Trainees received $2,000 a month as training allowance for the entire program duration.

Graduation and Certification

DigiPen (Singapore) issued a Specialist Diploma in the respective area of training to the successful graduates of the AnT program.

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