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Number of Credits and GPA

The BA in User Experience and Game Design degree program requires completion of at least 240 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. The program usually spans nine trimesters of 15 weeks each within a total of four academic years.

Grade Requirements

Students must receive a grade of “E” (or 1.0 quality points) or higher in all modules for the BA in User Experience and Game Design degree program. A “Pass” mark must be received for all modules with a “Pass” or “Fail” grade.

Required Courses

Subject AreaCreditsRequired Courses
Art5UXG2805 Art Processes
Computer Graphics10UXG2802 2D Raster Graphics for Designers
UXG3825 Introduction to 3D Production for Designers
Computer Science24UXG1116 Introduction to Computer Technology & Programming
UXG1175 Scripting Languages
UXG2165 Programming Foundations
UXG2176 Advanced Scripting
Design82UXG1500 Introduction to Design Process
UXG1501 Principles of Interactive Design
UXG1505 Game Design Process
UXG1560 User Experience Design 1
UXG2520 System Design 1
UXG2540 Level Design 1
UXG2570 User Research 1
UXG2501 Game Design 1
UXG2502 Game Design 2
UXG2565 Game Feel
UXG3503 Game Design 3
UXG3570 User Research 2
UXG3500 Integrated Digital Design
10 additional credits must be selected from other design courses at the Year 3 or Year 4 levels. Five of these additional credits can be replaced by a module with any Psychology module (except UXG1710).
English10UXG1616 Storytelling and a 5-credit English module.
Humanities and Social Science21UXG2735 College Success for Designers
UXG3099 Career and Professional Development
UXG3650 Professional Communication
Five additional credits must be selected from Management module, and 5 credits must be selected from modules offered by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, except for those on career courses.
Mathematics12UXG1205 Introductory Probability and Statistics
UXG2200 Pre-calculus with Linear Algebra and Geometry
Music5UXG3815 Fundamentals of Music and Sound Design
Psychology15UXG1701 Introduction to Psychology
UXG1702 Cognitive Psychology
Five additional credits must be selected from other Psychology courses.
Physics5UXG2315 Introduction to Applied Math and Physics
Projects51UXG1420 Introduction to Digital Production
UXG2400 Project 2
UXG2450 Project 2 (cont.)
UXG3400 Project 3 (Part 1)
UXG3450 Project 3 (Part 2)
UXG3475 / UXG4400 / Project 3 (Part 3) or Project 4
UXG4400 / UXG4450 Project 4 or Project 4 (cont.)
Please note that internship modules UXG4950 and UXG4990 may be taken in place of UXG4475 / UXG4400 and UXG4400 / UXG4450.

Note on General Education Courses

The following courses satisfy the general education requirement for the BA in User Experience and Game Design: two English electives (10), UXG1205 (5), one Mathematics elective (5), UXG3815 (5), UXG1701 (5), UXG1702 (5), one Psychology elective (5), one Physics elective (5), and one Humanities and Social Sciences elective (5) (Total: 10 modules, 50 credits).

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