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Number of Credits and GPA

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation requires completion of at least 240 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. The program usually spans nine trimesters of 15 weeks each within a total of four academic years.

Grade Requirements

Students must receive a grade of “E” (or 1.0 quality points) or higher in all modules for the BFA in Digital Art and Animation degree program. A “Pass” mark must be received for all modules with a “Pass” or “Fail” grade.

Required Courses

Subject AreaCreditsRequired Courses
Animation12DAA1201 Animation Basics 1
DAA1251 Animation Basics 2
Art75DAA1101 The Language of Drawing 1
DAA1115 Art and Technology
DAA1120 The Language of Drawing 2
DAA1125 Tone, Color, and Composition 1
DAA1130 Tone, Color, and Composition 2
DAA1150 Human Anatomy
DAA1151 Basic Life Drawing
DAA2110 Animal Anatomy
DAA2101 Life Drawing 2
DAA2151 Character Design
DAA2100 Perspective, Backgrounds, and Layouts
DAA2150 Storyboards
DAA3101 Conceptual Illustration and Visual Development
DAA4150 Portfolio
Computer Graphics24DAA2301 Introduction to 2D Computer Graphics
DAA2325 Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics
DAA2375 Introduction to 3D Animation
DAA2300 3D Environment and Level Design
Electives30Students must take one open elective, one general education elective, and three designated electives from any of the following 3000 level or higher modules: Art, Animation, Film, or Computer Graphics.
English10DAA1616 Storytelling and a 5-credit English.
Film10DAA2515 History of Film and Animation and either DAA2501 Cinematography or DAA2510 Cinematography For Visual Effects.
Humanities and Social Science18DAA3099 Career and Professional Development
DAA2099 College Success for Artists
DAA3650 Professional Communication
DAA4616 Introduction to Intellectual Property and Contracts
DAA4615 Media and Ethics: A Social Science Perspective
Projects51DAA1401 The Basics of Production
DAA2401/2402 2D Animation Production/ Game Art Project 1
DAA2451/2452, 2D Animation Production/ Game Art Project 1
DAA3400 3D Production Pipeline
DAA3450/ DAA3452 Cinematic Production /Game Art Project 2
DAA4400/DAA4402 Cinematic Production/Game Art Project 2
DAA4450 Professional Practice
Please note that internship modules DAA4950 and DAA4990 may be taken in place of DAA4400/DAA4402, and DAA4450.
Science10DAA3715 Introduction to Scripting and Programming
DAA3720 Introduction to Applied Math and Physics

Note on General Education Courses

The following courses satisfy the general education requirement for the BFA in Digital Art and Animation: DAA1115 (5), DAA1616 (5), any English elective (except CSD1610 and CSD4620) (5), DAA2515 (5), DAA4616 (5), DAA4615 (5), DAA3715 (5), DAA3650 (5), and DDA4175 (5). Additionally, students must take a general education elective (any English, Law, History, Social Science, Psychology, or Mathematics course) (5). (Total: 10 modules, 50 credits).

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