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In today’s digital media landscape, the work of the artist is everywhere — from the captivating beauty of a virtual game environment to the delightful intuitiveness of a well-designed user interface. If you want to create content at a professional level, DigiPen (Singapore) can help you get there.

Wherever your professional ambitions lie, these degree programs will help you become a skilled and versatile content creator, capable of communicating any range of ideas and emotions as a digital artist or expert designer.

  • BA in User Experience and Game Design

    This interdisciplinary degree combines coursework in game design theory, the humanities, and social sciences. Students learn the skills necessary to craft engaging and meaningful experiences for all types of games, applications, and other interactive media.

    From the Academic Year 2020/2021 intake onward, the BA in Game Design degree program will be renamed as BA in User Experience and Game Design.

  • BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    This rigorous program for aspiring digital artists begins with the fundamentals of artistry and culminates in advanced projects creating high-quality games or animated films. By the end of the program, you will have a deep understanding of the production pipelines used in the professional industries.

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