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Update: The DigiPen Foundation Course will be unavailable until further notice.

The DigiPen Foundation Course (DFC) program allows selected polytechnic students to study and earn credits at DigiPen’s U.S. campus (located in Redmond, Washington) while still enrolled at their polytechnics. If these students eventually matriculate to DigiPen, the credits earned during the DFC program will be recognized towards fulfillment of their coursework. This is extremely beneficial to students who plan to join DigiPen as the transferred credits can reduce their workload during the first year of study.

In addition to available courses in art, math, and computer science, the DFC provides a hands-on opportunity for polytechnic students to develop an original PC game in the project class. This project class introduces students to the professional game development pipeline and related industry topics, including concept development, team roles and dynamics, and more. Students gain valuable experience studying at one of The Princeton Review’s top-ranked schools for game design.

Interested polytechnic students may contact their respective lecturers in their diploma course. For more information, please email