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Pursuing an education at DigiPen (Singapore) is just the first step of a much longer journey. From there, our alumni go on to embark on any number of exciting career opportunities in games, software and app development, finance, automotive technology, and much more. Since the graduation of our first cohort, DigiPen (Singapore) has built up a strong network of graduates. These alumni have advanced their careers at more than 200 companies in Singapore and around the world.

Find out more about how DigiPen (Singapore) has made a difference in some of our graduates’ careers and lives by reading their testimonies below.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Jedidiah Siah

Jedidiah Siah

CEO / Co-founder, AlterCulture Studios

2020 BAGD Graduate

I co-founded AlterCulture Studios, a management consultancy firm that harnesses the potential of games to facilitate organizational development and bring about positive cultural change, upon graduation. One of the biggest misconceptions that those who are not in this industry have is about what games are and I hope to change that through the work my company does. People often limit their understanding of games purely to video games, but games can go beyond entertainment. On a personal level, the skills I’ve learned in game design modules at DigiPen (Singapore) are not only applicable to games, but in any form of interactive experience.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Alvin Lui

Alvin Lui

Software Engineer, ST Engineering

2020 CE Graduate

Though I picked up strong fundamentals in technical skills such as C programming during the AnT Programme for Embedded Software Developer, my key takeaway wasn’t just what I was taught, but how I was taught. During the course, there was minimal spoon-feeding. Instead, we were given lots of room to explore, research, and learn on our own. This approach is similar to what I experience in the workplace now, where I am given a requirement and it is up to me to devise my own methods to fulfill that requirement. Without DigiPen (Singapore)’s training, I would have felt intimidated by such an environment. But now, I view such situations as opportunities.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Wu Yiling

Wu Yiling

Software Engineer, Continental Automotive Singapore

2020 CE Graduate

I chose to enroll in DigiPen (Singapore)’s AnT Programme for Embedded Software Developer as it was not only a good chance to expand my skills, but also a good opportunity to enter big multinational corporations despite having limited relevant experience. Though the course was taught at a very fast pace, my classmates and I bonded well and supported each other through it. Our lecturers were always helpful and friendly as well, and I appreciated their effort — together with the admin staff — who helped to ensure that our lessons could continue virtually during the pandemic period. If anyone else is considering a career switch, I’d encourage them to step out of their comfort zones, be humble, and just go for it. it is definitely doable and worth it in the end.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Larry Leow

Larry Leow

Junior QA Engineer, Acronis

2020 CE Graduate

As part of DigiPen (Singapore)’s AnT Programme for Cybersecurity Software Developer, I picked up new programming languages such as Go, Python, and x86 Assembly. I was keen to expand my knowledge in the area of cybersecurity as I knew that this was a booming field, given how digitally connected the world now is. After graduating from the program, I’m now a junior QA engineer where I help to fix, review, and test bugs that have been assigned to me. For those who are considering a career switch, I encourage them not to be afraid when it comes to learning new things. Don’t be afraid of failure either, as only the extremely lucky succeed on their first try.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Tan Tian Shou

Tan Tian Shou

Junior Game Designer, Ubisoft Singapore

2020 BAGD Graduate

As a junior game designer, I am able to directly create and develop unique systems and experiences for players. I get to craft deep and immersive worlds for others – something I’ve dreamed of doing since I was young. My time at DigiPen (Singapore) has given me the foundation I need to thrive in my career. Besides equipping students with strong technical skills in scripting and design, DigiPen (Singapore) stands out by giving students the chance to design original game or software projects from scratch. These project classes are by far the highlight of every trimester. From concept, to production, to completion, each project requires immense planning and hard work to pull through and will put one’s technical and soft skills to the test. These experiences gave me a good introduction to the nature and expectations of game development, which helps me in my job today.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Jacky Chan

Jacky Chan

Systems Engineer, RoviSys

2020 SEEMS Graduate

DigiPen (Singapore) has greatly helped in my understanding of how computer architecture works and how wiring is connected. During my time in school, I learned a lot from the sheer number of projects that I had to complete. These projects allowed me to build and test my own prototypes. Being able to apply my knowledge has groomed me to be a critical thinker who manages deadlines well. As a systems engineer who designs and provides solutions for multiple clients, these skills come in handy.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Dexter Hong

Dexter Hong

Manager, Marketing Technologist, Procter & Gamble

2019 BSCSRTIS Graduate

The knowledge I’ve gained from DigiPen (Singapore) has helped equip me sufficiently to adapt and pick up new programming languages in the workforce. In my time developing for Procter & Gamble, I have successfully developed and deployed an augmented reality web application worldwide. Through that, I enjoy seeing how my software affects consumers directly.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Muhammad Salihin Bin Zaol-kefli

Muhammad Salihin Bin Zaol-kefli

Junior Research Assistant, Singapore-ETH Centre

2019 BSCSRTIS Graduate

The way modules are taught at DigiPen (Singapore) focuses on how the concepts can be applied to real-world problems. In our game project classes, we also had to work in a multi-disciplinary team of programmers, designers, and artists. This taught us how to communicate effectively to get our ideas across, a skill that I apply in my job at Singapore-ETH Centre today.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Keechin Goh

Keechin Goh

Co-founder, Datature Analytics

2019 BSCSRTIS Graduate

DigiPen (Singapore) students are invariably prepared to handle roles and responsibilities beyond their stipulated mandate thanks to the multidisciplinary projects that we do throughout our years in school. These projects have taught me that in a small team, members have to cover for each other and wear multiple hats at times to get things done. This couldn’t be truer in a startup environment where things move fast – you could be preparing technical documents one day and be presenting financial figures to a completely different audience the next.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Janice Chua

Janice Chua

Full Stack Developer, DBS Bank

2019 BSCSRTIS Graduate

When people ask me where I’ve graduated from, they always look at me in awe when I reply ‘DigiPen (Singapore)’. The Institute has a reputation for a reason and I’m proud to be its alumna. Besides providing me with a strong technical foundation, DigiPen (Singapore) has also helped me build my soft skills. As deadlines are tight and projects are a must in every trimester, learning to work under pressure has helped me to better manage my time and cooperate in a team. This enabled me to seamlessly adapt to working life upon graduation.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Aqil Hilmi

Aqil Hilmi

Junior Technical UI Artist, Ubisoft Singapore

2019 BAGD Graduate

DigiPen has a rigorous curriculum and I pulled many late nights in order to complete my projects. It wasn’t always easy but the demanding environment made me a stronger individual who is not afraid of challenges today. Throughout my time at DigiPen, I also had the opportunity to work on countless projects that included games, simulations, and UI/UX prototyping. As such, I built up a unique and diverse portfolio to show prospective employers after I graduated.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Samuel Tan

Samuel Tan

Executive Engineer, SMRT Corporation

2019 SEEMS Graduate

DigiPen (Singapore) has trained me to be someone who is adaptable and prepared to handle uncertainty. In the SEEMS program, every trimester of study has a different focus. This taught me to tailor my systems thinking to fit different fields of engineering, be it mechanical, electrical, electronic, or computer engineering.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Eyrica Lee

Eyrica Lee

QA Engineer, Shopee

2019 SEEMS Graduate

My journey with DigiPen (Singapore) has been memorable and enriching, and has made me who I am today. Through my education with the Institute, which was no doubt challenging due to the curriculum, I have managed to gain a strong foundation in the field of systems engineering which has shaped me into a highly adaptable individual. This is important in our world of ever-changing technologies, and it has allowed me to apply my knowledge in the right direction while picking up new skills or technologies quickly and efficiently. During my time at DigiPen (Singapore), I also had many opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life scenarios, from programming robotic prototypes to designing my own printed circuit board to build drones. These projects were so unforgettable! All in all, I am proud to be a graduate of DigiPen (Singapore), and am thankful for all that I have gained during my time with the Institute.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Rati Shukla

Rati Shukla

Associate Solution Consultant, ServiceNow

2019 SEEMS Graduate

Graduating from a multidisciplinary degree has expanded my technical knowledge in multiple domains and allowed me to have a broader perspective when engaging with different teams in my work. DigiPen (Singapore) has especially provided me with a strong foundation in computing languages which has allowed me to be flexible and pick up other languages required for my day-to-day tasks. I’ve also gained solid debugging skills and am able to rapidly solve work problems because of this – my efficiency in doing so sometimes surprises my colleagues!

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Joshua Ang

Joshua Ang

3D Art Lead, IFUN Singapore

2019 BFA Graduate

I’m grateful for the technical skills and the life lessons I’ve gained from DigiPen (Singapore), one of which is the ability to persevere under pressure. I was constantly surrounded by tight deadlines, high standards, and talented artists who pushed me to be better. It trained me to keep improving my skills to stay ahead, and honed my work ethic into something that benefits me today.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Jasper Yeo

Jasper Yeo

Technology Executive, DBS Bank

2019 BSCSGD Graduate

DigiPen (Singapore)’s cross-disciplinary and hands-on curriculum gives its graduates a high degree of flexibility when it comes to choosing their career paths. I had multiple valuable job opportunities when I graduated, but I chose to embark on software development in the financial sector as it is evolving and progressing rapidly in this current digital age. My current role requires me to tap into both my computer science and design expertise. As a developer on the frontend team, I combine the concepts and mock-ups that have been finalized by the business users and the design team with the APIs and infrastructure set up by the backend team to create responsive financial and banking applications for web and mobile.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Noor Syahirah Binte Kamaruddin

Noor Syahirah Binte Kamaruddin

Application Consultant, NCS Pte. Ltd.

2019 SEEMS Graduate

DigPen (Singapore) has prepared me for the working world not just in terms of my skills, but also mentally. I currently work in the software industry which can be challenging at times, but I overcome this by applying what I’ve learned from DigiPen (Singapore) — to never give up and find solutions by doing my own research. This has made me a stronger person today.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Karen Mei

Karen Mei

3D Animator, Koei Tecmo Singapore

2019 BFA Graduate

One of the highlights of my time in school was learning and discovering the ins and outs of the game industry through our lecturers’ teachings and stories from their past job experiences. This was eye-opening for me and has helped to mentally prepare me for the field of game design where I’m currently working in. As a CG artist, I specialize in creating 3D game animations that range from character animations to character movements. As someone who has always loved to see cool cut-scenes, it is incredible to now be able to work on them myself. So far, I’ve been given the opportunity to work on many titles, such as Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, Nioh, and Hyrule Warriors. Seeing my name in the credits roll is such an amazing feeling!

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Dennis Chua

Dennis Chua

Software Engineer, Motional

2019 BSCSRTIS Graduate

I’m happy to have joined DigiPen (Singapore) as I find the education there to be especially unique. The curriculum is rigorous but provides a lot of knowledge that is applicable to real life. Working on demanding, multidisciplinary group projects was also a good opportunity to train my communication skills. It has taught me how to handle different group dynamics in the workplace.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Chin Wei Boon

Chin Wei Boon

Application Consultant, NCS Pte. Ltd.

2019 BSCSRTIS Graduate

My current job scope involves maintaining and developing new features for the projects that I’m working on. I enjoy this very much as I am able to research on different topics related to the project and improve my software programming skills at the same time. The SQL module that I took in DigiPen (Singapore) has also made it easy for me to understand the inner workings of data in relation to my work. Additionally, my time in school has taught me good time management skills and tenacity which have helped me execute my responsibilities well.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Ronald Bay

Ronald Bay

Level Designer, Ubisoft Singapore

2018 BAGD Graduate

In my job, I get to design different aspects of a player’s journey while catering to the different needs of the project. As a result, work is always exciting and interesting.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Xie Yuan Cai

Xie Yuan Cai

Assistant Producer, IGG

2018 BAGD Graduate

DigiPen (Singapore) has prepared me well for the industry in all ways, from honing my skills in art, scripting, and visual/audio design, to giving me insights in psychology, history, language, and even architecture. This multidisciplinary approach has proven integral in my role as an assistant producer.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Alexander Wong

Alexander Wong

Technical Sound Designer, IMBA Interactive

2018 BAGD Graduate

Since I started working, I’ve already helped to create and implement audio for almost 10 shipped games. Sound and music are important parts of the game design process and something I’m very thankful to be involved in.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Lim Sing Gee

Lim Sing Gee

Data Engineer, Sephora

2018 BSCSGD Graduate

In the first semester of my first year, I struggled with MAT 140. I was constantly failing my quizzes up until after the mid-terms, and I contemplated dropping out of school as I thought that there was no point in staying on if I couldn’t even handle first-year math. But I changed my mind thanks to my academic advisor Dr. Michael Jahn, who also taught MAT 140. He told me to take each failure with an open mind and treat them as learning experiences. He encouraged me and I decided to approach math with a curious mind instead of dread. As time passed, my quiz results got better and I eventually scored 38 out of 40 for my finals, which helped me pass the module.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Lim Zheng Yu

Lim Zheng Yu

Game Designer, Koei Tecmo Singapore

2018 BAGD Graduate

My education at DigiPen (Singapore) has equipped me with strong programming knowledge and design skills, making me a valuable and versatile employee in the workforce.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Irene Tan

Irene Tan

Software Developer, Ingensoma Trading Group

2018 BSCSRTIS Graduate

Studying at DigiPen made me a person who constantly seeks new challenges. During game project classes, I had to explore different kinds of game play, AI, and game effects to create a unique product. In my career, I likewise challenged myself to explore different kinds of programming experiences such as taking on front end and back end developer roles.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Edwin Lim

Edwin Lim

Software QA Engineer, Agoda

2018 BSCSRTIS Graduate

Due to the rigorous training provided for picking up C and C++, DigiPen (Singapore) has helped me to develop a strong programming foundation that allows me to easily learn other new programming languages at a quicker pace. Additionally, the multiple game projects have also taught me quality assurance. This has enabled me to be on the lookout for potential issues that can arise during my development work at Agoda, leading to less bugs overall.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Chan Ka June

Chan Ka June

IT Manager, Application Development, Procter & Gamble

2018 BSCSRTIS Graduate

The basic computer science knowledge that I acquired at DigiPen (Singapore) built a strong foundation for me to easily learn new languages in my job. The knowledge that I’ve acquired on algorithms and the implementation of different data structures has also aided me in making better decisions when programming solutions according to business needs. Math, although painful to learn in school, enabled me to understand how certain algorithms work and has even helped me to optimize my code to be more efficient.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Khor Yong Loon

Khor Yong Loon

Technical Assistant II, Industrial Light & Magic

2018 BSCSGD Graduate

DigiPen (Singapore) has taught me the value of professionalism, allowing me to apply this to my current job at Industrial Light & Magic. It has helped me to constantly learn and grow in my role, which is extremely rewarding.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Sherilyn Kan

Sherilyn Kan

Associate Experience Designer / Illustrator, Idean

2018 BFA Graduate

As an experience designer, I work with my team to help clients solve their business problems through design. In my time at Idean so far, I’ve had the opportunity to work on varied and interesting projects ranging from responsive web design, to marketing collaterals, and even wayfinding design for public and private spaces. Each project brings about its own set of challenges, but DigiPen (Singapore) has instilled in me strong design fundamentals from an artistic and technical standpoint, that have helped me overcome these challenges.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Tng Ren Qi

Tng Ren Qi

Technical Artist, Ubisoft Singapore

2017 BFA Graduate

As a technical artist, I bridge the gap between art and tech. It’s an interesting challenge that requires problem-solving skills more than anything else. But I enjoy the challenge, having adopted the attitude of ‘learning how to learn’ from my days as a student at DigiPen.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Farris Chua

Farris Chua

Site Reliability Engineer, Tencent Singapore

2017 BSCSRTIS Graduate

The skills that I’ve learned at DigiPen (Singapore) have definitely accelerated my career path by teaching me to be adaptable and proficient in what I do. I’m currently working as a Site Reliability Engineer in a global company. The standards are high and I’m constantly given opportunities to learn new technologies and understand how the current ones are being implemented.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Chester Liew

Chester Liew

Senior Project Manager, Shopee

2017 BSCSRTIS Graduate

The strong fundamentals that I learned in math and programming helped me to pick up new programming languages like Go and Python quickly and easily.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Chew Tee Chin

Chew Tee Chin

C4X, Singapore Armed Forces

2017 BAGD Graduate

I am part of a team that helps to defend Singapore’s military systems and networks against cyber attacks. My foundations in general computer hardware and technical programming knowledge made it easy for me to pick up the necessary skills for my current job, even though I have little prior experience in computer networking. On a day-to-day level, I perform cyber threat monitoring and analysis to safeguard MINDEF and the SAF’s networks and systems. I feel an immense sense of satisfaction after successfully resolving each cyber incident, as it is akin to solving a mystery or puzzle.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Wong Yu Ping

Wong Yu Ping

3D Artist, Bandai Namco Studios Singapore

2017 BFA Graduate

I create, develop and refine quality environment and prop assets conforming to the game art style for production. Depending on the game’s needs, my task changes from time to time in order to support and smoothen the production process. This means I’m not just an asset factory - I also get to dabble with lighting and materials or support the technical artists with troubleshooting.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Daryl Wong

Daryl Wong

Environment Artist, Bandai Namco Studios Singapore

2017 BFA Graduate

My job scope as an environment artist includes modeling, texturing, creating in-game materials, and placing environmental assets in the game engine. I really love this job for the scope and variety of work it offers, plus it is always very satisfying to see a complete environment come together at the end of the day.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Sim Yi Cong

Sim Yi Cong

Business Programs Manager (App Store Southeast Asia), Apple

2016 BAGD Graduate

I engage with mobile game/app developers and work with them on campaigns that celebrate local moments or run promotions on the App Store across Southeast Asian markets. Being part of a cross-functional team, I work with editorial, marketing and business colleagues to align with partners’ strategies and push for best visibility on their product highlights and updates.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Daryl Bong

Daryl Bong

User Experience Designer, Singtel

2016 BAGD Graduate

DigiPen’s tough curriculum has helped build up resilience and perseverance. Through the design modules, I have also developed a keener design sense, which helps when developing use cases and PoCs. Finally, the tight timelines and rapid development cycles we faced during GAM projects have also ingrained in me the need for iterative prototyping, constant testing and proper time-management.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Ng Wee Tong

Ng Wee Tong

Engineer, Continental Automotive Singapore

2016 BSCSGD Graduate

I have always wondered if the skills I have learned in DigiPen would be useful in other industries apart from the gaming sector. Hence, when there was an internship opening during my final year of studies at Continental Automotive Singapore, I gave it a try. The internship showed me that it was possible to utilize my skills beyond games. Coincidentally, before the end of my internship, the company offered me a permanent position. Thus, I gladly accepted after considering my future prospects as well as opportunities to pick up other skills in the company.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Neoh Shi Kang

Neoh Shi Kang

Software Engineer, ByteDance

2016 BSCSRTIS Graduate

Learning technical skills and gaining knowledge in school is important. But beyond that, I’m thankful that the school has instilled the discipline of ‘learning how to learn’ in me. In this current age that we are in, technology advances extremely fast. Without knowing how to learn, there is no way one will be able to keep up with the rigorous demands of the tech world.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Kenny Chong

Kenny Chong

Software Engineer, Riot Games

2016 BSCSRTIS Graduate

DigiPen (Singapore)’s extensive education has not only provided me with the knowledge to work in many different facets of game development, but has also given me the necessary foundation and confidence to dive into unfamiliar topics. The game projects have allowed my team and I to explore and push our own limits in communication, technical capabilities, and creative thinking. This has helped me tremendously in Riot Games as I am able to bring the experience of being in a multidisciplinary project into the work environment.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Michael Tay

Michael Tay

Senior Software Engineer, Meta

2015 BSCSRTIS Graduate

The rigorous curriculum and strong teaching faculty help to ensure that the grading standards at DigiPen are kept high. Those who successfully graduate from the programs will definitely yield good prospects in the future. That is assured.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Lionel Lim

Lionel Lim

Game Programmer, MyTona

2015 BSCSRTIS Graduate

Apart from the computer science classes, I also found the math modules very helpful in equipping me to be a well-rounded programmer. I can now implement procedural generation for my up-and-coming games with ease thanks to the skills and knowledge I acquired during my time at DigiPen.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Koh Naimin

Koh Naimin

Senior Software Engineer, Autodesk Singapore

2015 BSCSRTIS Graduate

I have always been impressed by computer graphics, and no other school drills in their students the same level of technical knowledge displayed by DigiPen graduates, especially when it comes to 3D engines and game engines.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Larry Low

Larry Low

Digital Artist, Procter & Gamble

2015 BAGD Graduate

As a BAGD graduate, I delved in both design and programming. This allows me to bring ideas, technology, and R&D concepts to life using design principles and digital technologies. Some of my current work includes maximizing optimum user-experience (UX/UI) interfaces, virtual prototyping, design work, and concept visualization.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Delvin Yeo

Delvin Yeo

Software Engineer, Continental Automotive Singapore

2014 BSCSRTIS Graduate

During project classes, we had to search for our own solutions and think critically when solving problems. In this way, we’re taught to think out of the box instead of just being spoon-fed information.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Theodora Hui

Theodora Hui

Senior Engineer, ST Engineering

2014 BFA Graduate

The DigiPen curriculum gives all students the opportunity to work with peers from other programs. This prepares graduates for the working world in a very practical way - it allows them to understand the requirements and limitations of a project from all angles so that they can optimize the processes and workflow accordingly.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Tan Rijian

Tan Rijian

Research Engineer, Singapore Polytechnic

2014 BFA Graduate

Though I graduated from the BFA program, DigiPen has prepared me well for the industry I’m in today by equipping me with multiple skills to thrive in the tech world. As a research engineer, I get to explore and use new technology to find innovative solutions for my clients.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Andre Pong

Andre Pong

Design Director, Gattai Games

2014 BAGD Graduate

Beyond just learning how to make games, DigiPen also puts you through many high-pressure situations to build your adaptability and resilience. The rigorous project classes that we went through in school mimics the full production cycle of the industry, and well-prepares you for what’s to come in the working world.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Zhang Zi Tian

Zhang Zi Tian

Chief Operations Officer, Lionfish Studios

2014 BAGD Graduate

Going through the rigor of the school’s curriculum really prepared me for the hard mode in life. Nine out of 10 start-ups don’t succeed, but my business partners and I have been running Lionfish Studios for four years and counting. Despite the setbacks, we didn’t give up and kept going.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Rudy Ng

Rudy Ng

President & Chief Operations Officer, Bushiroad International

2014 BSCSGD Graduate

I manage the development teams for our three brands of trading card games which involves the scheduling of release dates, liaising with distributors internationally, and ensuring that the production pipeline is on track. As part of my job, I also love coming up with new content and products that both veteran and new players will enjoy.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Gavin Yeo

Gavin Yeo

Racing Design Lead, Electronic Arts

2014 BSCSGD Graduate

I’m a racing design lead at Electronic Arts, working at the Codemasters Cheshire studio near Manchester, England, in the UK. I’m currently leading design on an unannounced AAA game title. My time at DigiPen (Singapore) has been instrumental for me to have safe spaces to experiment and expand my game design skill sets. It has given me a good step up in the world of game development and I always look back in fondness at that time.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Khairun Nisah Binte Abdul Yazid

Khairun Nisah Binte Abdul Yazid

Adjunct Lecturer, Nanyang Polytechnic

2014 BFA Graduate

I am currently an adjunct lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic, where I have the privilege to mold the minds and aspirations of the next generation of artists, designers, and dreamers. I first realized my love for teaching when I had the chance to be a teaching assistant for some animation modules during my undergraduate days at DigiPen (Singapore).

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Chris Ong

Chris Ong

Engineer, Makino Asia Pte. Ltd.

2014 BFA Graduate

The BFA curriculum has equipped me with strong design fundamentals. In my job as an engineer in the manufacturing sector, I am able to tap into my art background to design machine controllers, ensuring that they are user friendly and intuitive.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Yee Kar Kin

Yee Kar Kin

Lead CG Artist, Koei Tecmo Singapore

2014 BFA Graduate

At DigiPen (Singapore), the curriculum is designed to push us to take what we’ve learned in each module and apply it in the next. I believe that this allowed us to not just pick up hard skills, but also cultivate a holistic understanding. From there, these skills become fundamentals that we can use to tackle more complicated challenges. This idea remains true now in my role as an animator of video game cinematics. Regardless of the kinds of animation, from subtle acting to complicated action sequences, the same underlying principles exist. When applied well, the animations become appealing.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Samuel Toh

Samuel Toh

Lecturer, Nanyang Polytechnic

2014 BFA Graduate

I teach students Unity and game asset creation. Being able to give back to the industry by training the next generation of artists gives me a great sense of satisfaction. Furthermore, the rigorous program that we went through at DigiPen (Singapore) has guided me to set higher standards for the classes that I now teach.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Desmond Wong

Desmond Wong

Director, The Gentlebros

2013 BFA Graduate

I’m currently the CEO, artist, and game designer of my own company, and Cat Quest is our greatest achievement to date. It has brought us all over the world via events and award shows, and the fans that we’ve made through this game are just the best - they keep us motivated to make more fantastic things!

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Heber Ng

Heber Ng

Senior Data Scientist, Grab

2013 BSCSGD Graduate

The most valuable thing I’ve learned from DigiPen (Singapore) is the mindset that everything can be achieved as long as you put in the work. There’s no doubt that its coursework is difficult, but there are experienced faculty who are ready to help you along the way. This perception that everything is possible has allowed me to take on – and overcome – many challenges after I’ve graduated, both in work and in life. It has forged me into the person I am today.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Timothy Tham

Timothy Tham

Technical Lead, Singapore Pools

2013 BSCSRTIS Graduate

The major highlights of my time in DigiPen (Singapore) were the projects that we had to come up with. It was intensive and fun at the same time. It actually makes me proud that we managed to learn how to create our own engines to produce games. Another highlight was the Overseas Immersion Program which allowed me to experience US culture, its people, and way of learning.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Ryan Lim

Ryan Lim

Deputy Development Manager - Engine, Graphics & Mobile, NetVirta

2013 BSCSRTIS Graduate

Optimization is what I enjoy the most, be it in software or process management. After I graduated, I developed my own game engine which I eventually implemented in my current workplace. This engine greatly improved our workflow in NetVirta and reduced the overhead needed when scaling for multiple projects.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Billy Ker

Billy Ker

Digital Infographics Journalist, Singapore Press Holdings

2013 BFA Graduate

As an infographics journalist, my job scope is in between that of an artist and a journalist. I cover stories with the aid of storyboards, graphs, and charts. The best part is that I usually deal with the “fun projects”, rather than only current news. The foundational skills gained at DigiPen (Singapore) help me in my job today, such as the 3D animating skills I picked up and the discipline to meet tight deadlines.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Jason Wang

Jason Wang

Lecturer, Nanyang Polytechnic

2013 BFA Graduate

The DigiPen faculty has always been a huge source of inspiration to me, even till today. Now that I’m an educator myself, I hope to emulate them by likewise inspiring my current students as I pass my knowledge on to them.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Fuadz Kassim

Fuadz Kassim

3D Artist, Hephaestus Technologies

2013 BFA Graduate

I’m working as a 3D artist at Hephaestus Technologies, a tech startup that empowers e-commerce companies with innovative tools such as mixed reality and deep learning technology. In my role, I use industry-standard software such as 3ds Max, ZBrush, and Substance Painter to model and texture photorealistic 3D virtual objects and environments through photogrammetry and integrating them into Unreal Engine. I was actually apprehensive of doing anything 3D-related before joining DigiPen (Singapore), but the strong foundations that I learned in school have given me the confidence to pursue a career as a 3D artist. I will gladly continue this path for the rest of my life.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Max Chew

Max Chew

Technical Animator, Game Studio in Japan

2013 BFA Graduate

I work as a technical animator in a game company in Tokyo where I do computer animation, and sometimes create production tools, for the team. This has given me the exciting opportunity to work on many famous IPs that come out of Japan.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Nursyazana Binte Zainal

Nursyazana Binte Zainal

Director, The Gentlebros

2013 BFA Graduate

I do game art and quest design at my own company, The Gentlebros. Seeing my stories come to life, working with friends to create a game title to call our own, and pushing through any difficulties together — these are just some of the highlights of my job so far.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Kenneth Koh

Kenneth Koh

Roto Paint Artist, Lucasfilm Animation Singapore

2013 BFA Graduate

What I love most about my job is being able to work on movies that will be enjoyed and experienced by many generations to come. Being able to work on movies like Avengers: Endgame and Ready Player One have been some of my biggest career highlights so far.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Muhammad Firman Bin Osman

Muhammad Firman Bin Osman

Producer, Lionfish Studios

2013 BAGD Graduate

DigiPen (Singapore) is a melting pot of creativity, talent, and hard work. Its environment has enabled me to brainstorm ideas, learn up-to-date industry skills, and build a strong network even before entering the industry. I have many fond memories of the school that continues to grow, including being part of the alumni committee twice. As a former lecturer who is now a producer in a local game company, the experiences I have gained from DigiPen (Singapore) have been invaluable.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Raina Lim

Raina Lim

Founder, Framing Me

2013 BAGD Graduate

DigiPen (Singapore) taught me many practical and soft skills which have been a big help in my career. These include the importance of storytelling, working within constraints, always having a Plan B, and learning to communicate effectively. In particular, I also appreciate how lecturers such as Dilip Chaubey encouraged me to be an independent and problem-solving individual. This has been invaluable in my entrepreneurial journey so far.

Portrait of DigiPen (Singapore) alumni Cheryl Lye

Cheryl Lye

Lecturer, Institute of Technical Education

2012 BFA Graduate

I remember having to work late into the night for several projects during my time at DigiPen. But I did this with my fellow course mates and we encouraged one another to push on. This has forged a special camaraderie between us and built many strong friendships that still last till this day.

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