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DigiPen (Singapore) hosts an awards ceremony to celebrate the amazing work of our students. The main objective of the awards is to recognize our students’ creativity and innovation in game design and animation. It is also an important platform for our students to showcase their talents and potential to our industry partners. Stay tuned for more news regarding any upcoming awards ceremonies.

Award Categories and Prizes

  • Most Innovative Design
  • Best Freshman Technology
  • Best Sophomore Technology
  • Best Junior Technology
  • Best User Interface
  • Best 2D Graphic Technology
  • Best 2D Visual Design
  • Best Music and Sound Design
  • Best 3D Graphic Technology
  • Best 3D Visual Design
  • Best Group Project (Animation)
  • Best Visual Development (Animation)
  • Best Environment Design (Animation)
  • Best Character Design (Animation)
  • Most Innovative Design (Systems Engineering)
  • Best Capstone Project (Systems Engineering)
  • Best Freshman Game
  • Best Sophomore Game
  • Best Junior Game
  • Claude Comair Grand Prize for Game of the Year

The top five finalists of each category will receive certificates of excellence. All finalists may collect the certificates at the front desk after the awards ceremony.

Only one game/animation will be recognized as the winner of each category. Individual certificates will be awarded to each member of the winning game/animation during the awards ceremony.