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New incoming undergraduate students will have modules pre-allocated in the first trimester. Please check your class schedule via SIT IN4SIT two weeks before the class starts.

Before you arrive for the start of classes, it’s a good idea to make a checklist of any remaining tasks to complete and supplies to obtain. By coming prepared on day one, you’ll give yourself the best opportunity to succeed in your freshman year and beyond.

The resources below will help organize your preparation for the academic year, and Student Life and Advising is available to answer any other questions you have. Contact us by sending a message to

  • Why the Nude Model Is Necessary

    As an incoming student entering our BFA in Digital Art and Animation program, you must agree to participate in the study of the nude form. DigiPen (Singapore) maintains that this practice best prepares digital artists and animators for their future careers.

  • Digital Art and Animation Materials List

    Here you will find art supply lists for various classes along with links to art stores in the area.

  • Mechatronics Systems Materials List

    Here you will find the engineering tools list for various classes. Please refer to your orientation email if you would like more information about purchasing the materials.

  • New Student Orientation and Orientation T-shirts

    All incoming students are strongly encouraged to attend the New Student Orientation before the start of the trimester. Learn more about the different DigiPen (Singapore) departments, academic policies, and information regarding your orientation t-shirt.

  • Credit Exemption and Transfer of Credits

    Students who have completed relevant modules during their postsecondary education, which are comparable in scope, content, and academic quality to modules offered at DigiPen (Singapore), may apply for Credit Exemption through SIT IN4SIT. Applications would be accepted from 10 to 18 July 2023 for the incoming cohort.

  • Online Bridging Courses on Math and Physics for Incoming Design, Computer Science, and Engineering Students

    You are strongly encouraged to complete the Math Quest and Physics Quest online courses offered by SIT to help you revise and refresh your pre-university fundamentals before starting the first trimester. Look out for an email in June from SIT Quests that will be sent to your SIT email address with instructions on how you can take the courses.

  • DigiPen (Singapore) Account Set-up

    Instructions from DigiPen (Singapore) to create your DigiPen account will be sent to your personal email. Your DigiPen account gives you access to learning resources and all computers within DigiPen’s facilities, so please complete set up before Orientation. If you have issues setting up your account, please contact