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Students attending a virtual class in the Programming in C/C++/C++ for Games training program.

Last month, after 30 weeks of lessons, the inaugural Programming in C/C++/C++ for Games training program came to an end. This program was a collaboration between DigiPen (Singapore) and Ubisoft Singapore with the aim to equip trainees with competencies in the field of software development.

As the first-ever run of this program, the curriculum was specially tailored to the needs of Ubisoft Singapore. It was created to re-skill their in-house staff who were working in non-programming related roles, as well as to upskill a few selected fresh hires by equipping them with the specialized skills that are needed for AAA video game development.

At the start of the program, trainees were first exposed to introductory computer science topics such as data structures and algorithms. Understanding the complexities behind data structures and algorithms enabled students to design and implement optimized computer software programs. This eased them into the world of software development and gave them a chance to build a solid foundation before broadening their scope to pick up more in-depth skills required for game development, such as physics, computer graphics, and technical design. These lessons were delivered in the form of online lectures and weekly hands-on exercises to give trainees sufficient practice. All lessons were conducted after regular office hours so as not to interfere with each trainee’s day-to-day work.

“As a computer science and mathematics graduate from Yale-NUS College, I was familiar with computational thinking and common programming languages like Python. DigiPen (Singapore)’s classes have helped me to ramp up on my knowledge of C++, the main language used in AAA game development. They have also given me lots of much-needed hands-on programming practice, from low-level programming to simple 2D game projects. This has given me the confidence to be technically proficient at work, freeing me up to focus on the bigger picture like gameplay experience or system design,” says Elaine Oey, a graduate of the training program who is now a junior gameplay programmer at Ubisoft Singapore.

Elaine adds that she was pleasantly surprised at how comprehensive the class materials were, and how a wide variety of game development concepts — including niche topics like computer graphics — were covered. She also appreciated the willingness of her instructors to readily answer questions as the materials got tougher. By the end of the Programming in C/C++/C++ for Games training program, Elaine and her fellow trainees had a better understanding of the industry and were prepared for the rigor and demands of video game development.

“Grooming and providing career opportunities for our talent has always been part of Ubisoft Singapore’s strategy,” says Taevia Koh, Junior HR Business Partner, Ubisoft Singapore. “Our collaboration with DigiPen (Singapore) has allowed us to jointly develop young tech talent by providing them with industry exposure and equipping them with the technical skills necessary to thrive in AAA video game development. DigiPen (Singapore) is a strong academic partner for aspiring game developers to kick-start their careers in the video game industry, and we look forward to more future partnerships to evolve, progress, and develop this ecosystem further!”

We are grateful to Ubisoft Singapore for this partnership and look forward to more collaboration opportunities to grow the local video game industry together.