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The DigiPen (Singapore) student game Descension: Depths of De’Mae has been nominated as one of six finalists in the Independent Games Festival China (IGF China) Student Competition.

Descension: Depths of De’Mae is a 3D action-adventure game in which the player uses input gestures and shape drawing recognition to deliver magical spells and attacks.

The game’s story revolves around a conflict between the humans and the E’mae — an enlightened, magical race from the land of De’mae. As a member of the E’mae, you have been summoned to seek out and protect the coveted Paragon Crystal, the source of De’mae’s power, resources, and peace.

This marks the fifth year of IGF China, which honors and celebrates the most creative independent game titles of the Pan-Pacific area. This year’s competition received over 250 submissions, almost a 60-percent increase from 2012.

Winners of the IGF China competition will be announced during an awards ceremony on September 16 at the Game Developers Conference China in Shanghai.

Descension: Depths of De’Mae was developed by DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore students Gavin Yeo, game designer; Bryan Dismas Yeo, lead programmer; Jonathan Butt, producer; Jason Ngai, assistant lead programmer; Geraint Goh, art director; Syarah Li Ping, artist; Andre Pong, artist; and Jorge Fernandez, audio.

You can download the PC game for free from the DigiPen Showcase.