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For students enrolling in the Academic Year 2020/2021 cohort onward, DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore’s two bachelor’s in computer science degrees will be conferred as joint degrees by DigiPen (Singapore) and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).

These two SIT-DigiPen (Singapore) joint computer science degrees will continue to supply information and communications technology (ICT) professionals in the growing digital economy. Additionally, the BS in Computer Science in Interactive Media and Game Development (BSCS IMGD) program, as it is now known, will build upon the foundations of the original BS in Computer Science and Game Design degree program. This new name reflects the BSCS IMGD program’s relevance to the industry’s growing demand for software developers with interactive design capabilities both within and outside the field of games. The name of the new joint BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation (BSCS RTIS) program will remain unchanged.

Graduates from the BSCS RTIS program possess an in-depth understanding of computer science, mathematics, and physics theory and application. They specialize in software development, real-time simulations, computer graphics, and interactive 3D technologies. Graduates from the BSCS IMGD program are hybrid software developers and designers who have developed strong programming and mathematics skills, combined with formal training in interactive design. They are highly knowledgeable in computer science topics such as data structures, advanced algorithms, databases, and programming interactive solutions, while also being skilled in design theory and tools.

The core curricula for both joint computer science degrees remain unchanged and are now enhanced with modules such as the Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP). The IWSP formalizes the previously optional internship and ensures that every student graduates with work experience in a professional environment. Additionally, previous computer science elective modules have been replaced by compulsory computer science modules in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning, and mobile/cloud computing.

“After 10 years of collaboration, DigiPen (Singapore) is pleased to strengthen our relationship with SIT. By leveraging each institute’s strengths, we are confident that these joint degrees will provide students the best of both worlds. The industry-relevant curriculum and applied learning pedagogy will produce graduates who have a strong academic foundation, as well as practical project management and production skills,” says Mr. Jason Chu, Chief Operating Officer, International, DigiPen Institute of Technology.

The BA in Game Design (BAGD) program has also been renamed to the BA in User Experience and Game Design (BA UXGD) to more accurately reflect the full scope of the curriculum and growing demand for user experience designers beyond the field of games. There is no change from the previous curriculum.

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