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The DigiPen Visual Effects program is a specialization track within the broader framework of the Digital Arts and Animation Baccalaureate, designed to train new leaders in the VFX industry.

In the first semester, students will be exposed to the antecedents and heritage of visual effects, as well as foundational cinematography. They will then bring this knowledge to bear in a node-based compositing world, beginning with the common 2D disciplines: extraction, plate reconstruction, rotoscoping, digital cosmetics, wire removal, and point and hand tracking. This will be followed by a course in advanced compositing and 3D match moving, including camera tracking, object tracking, body tracking, and planar tracking.

DigiPen stakes its reputation on its rigorous projects courses, which showcase the breadth of each cohort’s foundational learning in cogent film shorts. The new VFX track will follow this model, allowing the students to demonstrate their accrued skills in two year-long projects, both individual and team-based. Courses in lighting, matte painting, dynamics and simulation (particles, waves, fur, flesh, etc.), and advanced modeling will be taught concurrently. Considering the brevity of the track, it is highly recommended to take all 8 VFX electives in order to acquire the necessary skills to enter this highly complex and competitive industry.

Application for the next intake for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation in January 2011 is now open. For more information, please contact the Admissions Office at