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Want to see what DigiPen (Singapore)’s RTIS, BFA, and Game Design students have been up to in the last year? Check out the latest games they created for their GAM 350 class.

Below, you’ll find trailers for each of the five games, from puzzle-platformer Mad Tea Party to IGF China finalist Potawatomi. If you like what you see, you can download and play these and hundreds of other games created by DigiPen students at the Game Gallery.


Take on the role of a lone adventurer armed with a mysterious backpack as you shift between magnetic poles to solve puzzles and conquer obstacles in this 3D adventure game.


Save Tandy from her nightmare! Take control of a fairy, which you must use to sprinkle fairy dust on nightmarish monsters to banish them.

Mad Tea Party

Help Sally and T’poppy run, jump, push, pull, lift, throw, bounce and hover to survive through obstacles in this 3D puzzle platform game.


Potawatomi is a 3D action-puzzle game that will singe your hair and burn your brain! Use your wits and your divine power over fire to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, and retrieve the sacred flame.


In Rorrim, you play as a powerful mage with a wand that can enchant objects, mirrors, or even yourself! Use your powers to escape from a perilous castle and collect your reward.