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Get your spook on with DigiPen (Singapore)’s student works! As the mid-autumn celebrations end, we’ve selected a few horror-themed games and animations to get you in the spirit of Halloween.


Sound is the only way you see, and they hear your fears in this survival thriller game. Lurking uses microphone input and turns all sounds into visible pulses, however, these pulses also attract nearby creatures. This IGF award-winning horror game has been featured on several popular YouTube “Let’s Play” channels, and the team behind the game is also creating a spiritual successor, Stifled, for PC and consoles.

Past Twelve

This horror side-scroller tells the story of Ethan, a photo-phobic 8-year-old who is chased and haunted by “The Creature.” Your task is to guide the boy to safety and discover the truth he had once forgotten. The game was reviewed at Alpha Beta Gamer, a popular game testing site, which praised the game’s audio-visual design for “creating a tense and foreboding atmosphere.”


Another 2D horror game, Umbra is a platforming adventure where you play as a child lost in a dark world. The only source of light is the spirit companion, who reveals dangerous figures that are out to get you.

Bear-ly Alive

On a lighter note, this 3D animated short shows how Bearly, a brave little teddy bear, uses its powers to combat the nightmare that is out to get its owner.

The Thirst

Lastly, for something comical, The Thirst follows an unlucky vampire who gets tripped up trying to reach the coveted vial of blood he desperately craves.