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DigiPen (Singapore) is pleased to introduce our Research & Development team.

The seven-member team is composed of DigiPen (US) and DigiPen Singapore graduates from all four degree programs; the team is managed and headed by Elie Hosry, who has been with DigiPen for 15 years.

  • Elie Hosry – Director

  • John Doran – Game Designer, DigiPen graduate

  • Chan Li En – Artist, DigiPen Singapore graduate

  • Lee Su Luan, Sherry – Artist, DigiPen Singapore graduate

  • Hong Maoting Emmanuel – Artist, DigiPen Singapore graduate

  • Tan Rui Xiang, Xavier – Software Engineer, DigiPen Singapore graduate

  • Yeo Kang Jie, Delvin – Software Engineer, DigiPen Singapore graduate

The DigiPen (Singapore) R&D team has supported and worked on the following projects:

  • Data analytics and visualization Project for Lotus F1

  • Graphics modules development for the Zero Engine (DigiPen’s proprietary game engine)

  • Art assets for the Zero Engine Android and iPhone development and support for the Zero Engine

  • Support Autodesk with Research and Development projects

  • Developing and teaching workshops in Junior Colleges and international schools in Singapore

For an overview of DigiPen R&D’s areas of expertise as well as highlights of some of the clients that we have worked with over the years, please visit