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Back for the fifth round, this year’s DigiPen (Singapore) Game and Animation Awards marked the first time that the awards ceremony for both the art and game design departments was combined. It was the biggest edition yet as students, faculty, and industry guests gathered to recognize a large selection of student artwork, films, and games.

Many students mingle and enjoy refreshments on campus in celebration of the DigiPen Game and Animation Awards.

More than 20 awards were given out, 16 of which were sponsored by industry partners from Acronis Asia, Autodesk Asia, Bandai Namco Studios Singapore, Continental Automotive Singapore, gumi Asia, Koei Tecmo Singapore, NetVirta, Shopee Singapore, ST Engineering, Ubisoft Singapore, and Unity Technologies Singapore. These awards were given to teams that displayed exceptional technical and artistic skills in executing their projects. In addition to cash prizes, all award winners also walked away with a trophy and certificate.

This year’s Claude Comair Grand Prize for Game of the Year award went to Kubrix for its polish, innovative concept, and creative and technical execution. Kubrix is a puzzle-based role-playing game where players control the “Witch of the Forest” who tries to restore the shattered game world known as the “Kubrix.”

16 students line up in a row to show off their giant checks, certificates, and trophies during the DigiPen Game and Animation Awards show.

The second- and third-place grand prizes went to Scrap Mettle and Novo, respectively. Scrap Mettle is a fast-paced action brawler set in a cyberpunk world. Players take on the role of a space mercenary who lost his fist to a juggernaut and is seeking revenge. Novo is a stealth-oriented puzzle platformer that lets players control an intergalactic creature with the ability to possess others and use their powers.

Student films and art projects were also honored. In particular, the animated film The Way Home swept both the Autodesk Best 3D Group Project and Bandai Namco Studios Singapore Best Visual Development prizes. The Way Home is the first DigiPen (Singapore) student film to be created entirely using Unreal Engine 4. It tells the story of a feisty astronaut who gets stranded on an unknown planet and meets a friendly, curious creature that ends up being her guide.

“Every year, the quality of student work gets better and better. The amount of polish, creativity, and technical expertise that’s poured into every project can rival industry standards, and I’m very proud of all the students for their display of grit and professionalism,” Rahul Nath, faculty chair of the Department of Game Software Design and Production, says. “The variety of projects this year was also among the best and ranged from localized themes to poetic experiences, and each delivered an in-depth intended user experience.”

Elie Hosry accepts the Outstanding Contribution award for staff

For the first time, an Outstanding Contribution award for staff was also given out, with Elie Hosry, principal lecturer for the Department of Computer Science and Game Software Design and Production, named as the recipient. Elie has been part of the DigiPen (Singapore) faculty since 2013 and is both loved by students and well-regarded by his peers for his heart, dedication, and flair for teaching. Read on for a complete list of the winners.

DigiPen (Singapore) Game and Animation Awards 2019

Claude Comair Grand Prize for Game of the Year
1st Place: Kubrix
2nd Place: Scrap Mettle
3rd Place: Novo

Autodesk Best 3D Group Project
The Way Home

Best Junior Game

Unity Best Sophomore Game
Mega Macho Bros

gumi Asia Best Freshman Game
Seeds Of Time

Best 2D Group Project

Shopee Best Junior Technology
The Wishing Tree

Best Sophomore Technology
Wilo & The Fabled Fist

ST Engineering Best Freshman Technology

NetVirta Best 3D Physics Technology
The Wishing Tree

Ubisoft Singapore Best 3D Graphics Technology
A Rift in Time

Koei Tecmo Singapore Best 3D Visual Design
The Wishing Tree

Acronis Best User Interface
Fly The Coop

Ubisoft Singapore Best Artificial Intelligence

Koei Tecmo Singapore Most Innovative Design
Melody of Explosions: Bombing the Den

Best Music and Sound Design

Bandai Namco Studios Singapore Best Visual Development
The Way Home

Continental Automotive Singapore Best 2D Physics Technology

Continental Automotive Singapore Best 2D Graphics Technology

Bandai Namco Studios Singapore Best 2D Visual Design

Best Character Design
Janice Leng Chi Ern

Best Environment Design
Tan Shi Yun

Acronis Best Team Spirit
Fly The Coop