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An adventurous roach displays expert parkour skills to climb, leap, and fly toward his goal: a seemingly unattended plate full of snacks.

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The Team

  • Yee Kar Kin

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

Animation Stills

  • A CG-animated roach stands on a wooden countertop next to bottles of condiments, salt & pepper shakers, and canned goods.
  • A colorful CG kitchen scene with a sink, toaster, and drying rack with a roach sitting in a tea cup.
  • A CG-animated roach stands and waves at the viewer in front of cereal boxes, a teacup, and hanging knives and pans.
  • A CG scene on a wooden countertop with a plate of snacks, a rolled-up newspaper, a jar of peanut butter, and ceramic chicken.
  • A CG-animated roach crouches adroitly on a stovetop in front of a pot and wooden ladle.