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This is a side-scrolling adventure platformer game that places you in a supernatural world full of strange creatures. With your magical bow and arrow, you will venture through the Forbidden Forest to rescue your kidnapped sister, Siri.

Iris was the Excellent Student Winner at the 2014 Independent Games Festival China.

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Awards and Recognition

  • 2014 Independent Games Festival China

    Winner, Excellent Student Award

Game Screenshots

  • The player's character shoots a shining white arrow at an enemy. She is surrounded by a circle of glowing, white runes.
  • The player's character aims a glowing white arrow at a shadowy totem-like enemy
  • The player's character jumps from platform to platform as fire leaps up from below. Two glowing eyes float middair ahead.

The Team

  • Muhsen Hassan

    BA in Game Design

    Role: Producer

  • Ming Lim

    BA in Game Design

    Role: Art Director

  • Rezwan Sharudin

    BS in Computer Science and Game Design

    Role: Technical Director

  • Ka Yip

    BS in Computer Science and Game Design

    Role: Design Lead

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