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This top-down, turn-based RPG is all about upgrading and perfecting your equipment to take on the three bosses that await you. By enhancing your weaponry, you will gain new skills to take on foes and bring peace to the Rainbow Castle.

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Game Screenshots

  • Weapon purchase screen asking the player to upgrade a sword for higher damage dealing
  • A sentient tree character and two stumps battle an airy white ghost character
  • A large brown ogre carrying a spiked club stands next to the player's character in a torch-lit dungeon

The Team

  • Chuen Gan

    BS in Computer Science and Game Design

    Role: Producer/Product Manager

  • Yong Liew

    BS in Computer Science and Game Design

    Role: Game Designer

  • Rwee Tan

    BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation

    Role: Technical Lead

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