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For the MS in Computer Vision degree program, tuition is calculated based on the number of credits taken per trimester.

Graduate Tuition

The following tuition rates are in effect from 2024-2025 academic year.

2023-24 Graduate Tuition
Credits in TotalTuition Fee per Credit (inclusive of 9% GST)

General Notes About Tuition

  • Tuition may be subject to change.

  • Students re-registering for a course that needs to be retaken must pay the regular tuition fees and are responsible for re-registering in the course.

  • Students auditing a course must pay the regular tuition fees.


In addition to tuition, students must pay certain fees while attending DigiPen (Singapore).

Required Fees

Unless otherwise noted, all students must pay the following fees.

Type of FeeCost (inclusive of 9% GST)
Application Fee
This fee must accompany your application form. The application fee is refundable if you cancel your application and request a refund within three days of submitting the application fee.
Administrative and Technology Fee
This fee covers a limited number of transcript requests, add/drop requests, and enrollment verification. In addition, it covers paper and toner for the student-use printers and maintenance costs associated with the upkeep of the equipment.
Transcript Fee
This fee covers requests for official and unofficial copies of your transcripts.
S$10.90/official transcript
S$5.45/unofficial transcript

Other Fees

Students must pay the following fees for special or unusual circumstances.

Type of FeeCost (inclusive of 9% GST)
Alumni Audit Fees
DigiPen (Singapore) alumni may audit courses at a significantly reduced cost. Tuition, application, and enrollment fees are waived, but alumni must pay any course, administrative, and technology fees. Fees are non-refundable for alumni audits.
See individual course descriptions
Transfer and Waiver Fees
The fee for course transfers and waivers is S$43.60 per credit of the course being transferred or waived.
Replacement Diploma Fee
This fee covers the cost to replace a missing or lost diploma.

Tuition Fees for Re-Registering

Students re-registering for a course must pay the regular tuition fees, if applicable. Any previously paid tuition fees will not count toward the current amount owed.

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