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Any student who wishes to return to the Institute after an absence should first contact the Admissions Offices at both SIT (by phone, at (65) 6592 1136) and DigiPen (Singapore) (by email, at

How to Apply for Readmission

  1. After contacting the Admissions Offices at both SIT and DigiPen (Singapore), you must complete a readmission application form. Access to the readmission application form requires an SRS ID and password. You may email the Institute at to request an SRS ID and password if necessary.

  2. If you attended any other institutions during your absence, SIT or DigiPen (Singapore) may require certified true copies of transcripts from all institutions attended. See below for more information regarding the submission of official transcripts.

  3. In addition to transcripts from other institutions (where applicable), you must also provide supporting documents as part of the readmission process. Please refer to the Reasons for Withdrawal section for more details. You will be notified accordingly of any additional readmission requirements.

  4. Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive a letter from both SIT and DigiPen (Singapore) regarding the result of the readmission application.

  5. Upon successful readmission, you will be required to sign a new Student Enrollment Agreement (SEA) before being allowed to register for classes. As a readmitted student, you will only receive information on class registration and course preparation information after signing the SEA.

Reasons for Withdrawal

Depending on your initial reasons for withdrawal from DigiPen (Singapore), you will need to provide certain types of supporting documentation as a part of your application for readmission. Please refer to the following sections for more information about supporting documents that must be submitted for each type of readmission scenario.

Readmission for Medical Withdrawal: A physician’s statement must be provided indicating that the applicant is ready to resume studying. Additionally, it should describe any special needs that the applicant may require upon returning to DigiPen (Singapore).

Readmission after Academic Dismissal: A statement explaining how time away from the Institute was spent, why the applicant wishes to return, and how the applicant plans to be successful by returning, must be submitted as part of the application for readmission. Applicants dismissed for academic reasons must wait at least one year from the dismissal date before they can matriculate. It is highly recommended that applicants take the time away to raise their GPA through college-level coursework in order to boost the likelihood of being readmitted.

Readmission after Disciplinary Action: Applicants should include a formal appeal for the Appeals and Disciplinary Committee to review, along with their application for readmission. Applicants must receive clearance from the Appeals and Disciplinary Committee to return.

Readmission after Withdrawal Due to Personal Reasons: There are usually no impediments to returning to the Institute if there is space available, however, there may be a need for an academic plan to be developed by the student’s advisor upon re-enrollment. Applicants seeking readmission after an extended period of absence must meet with an academic advisor to determine the viability of completing their respective degree programs.

Readmission after Non-Payment of Account: Outstanding amounts must first be settled before applying for readmission. Once settled, the policy for readmission is similar to that under “Readmission after Withdrawal Due to Personal Reasons.”

Exemptions to the above requirements may be considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of SIT and DigiPen (Singapore).

Submission of Official Transcripts

All readmission applicants to DigiPen (Singapore) must request for an official transcript from the Registrar’s Office to be sent to the Admissions Office as part of their application. Additionally, if you have taken courses from other universities or colleges since leaving the Institute, any and all official transcripts must be forwarded to the Admissions Office from the Registrar of each institution you attended.

Transcripts should show all academic work until the last completed semester or quarter. If you are approved for readmission while coursework is still in progress, your admission status will be provisional, pending receipt of the final transcript(s).

Finally, readmission applicants who are non-native English speakers may have to present proof of proficiency in the English language, if they are applying after more than a year since withdrawing. Refer to the English Language Requirement in the SIT Application Guide (International Qualifications) for more information.

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