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Stylized poster for Spacejacked, with the character lunging at a green alien with a wrench
Image © Rotten Mage

Developed by Rotten Mage, an independent game studio co-founded by DigiPen Institute of Technology (Singapore) graduates Chin Yong Kian (2013) and Lim Chiang Song (2013), Spacejacked is a retro-styled tower defense game that challenges players to fight off wave after wave of fast-moving alien scum. As the protagonist Dave Paprovsky, an engineer aboard an interstellar vessel, players must strategically set up gun turrets while shooting, jumping, and managing resources — all in the hopes of saving the ship and crew from relentless invaders that range from space clams to a missile-toting slime monster.

The game is currently available on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux and has already received positive reviews by critics and players alike.

Spacejacked is fierce, ambitious, and keen in its mission to satisfy and stun those who wish to journey into the depths of space,” writes Nikki Lance of Wake and Game. “Through conquering modes, beating friends’ high scores, and most of all taking in its visual elements, the game is a ton of fun.”

Spacejacked represents a labor of love for the two DigiPen (Singapore) graduates, who have been working on the project for close to two years and recently participated in a pre-launch playtesting session at the DigiPen (Singapore) campus. The developers say they plan to continue adding to the game with new features and updates.

Be sure to check out our previous interview with the two graduate developers, and congratulations to the Rotten Mage team!

Screenshot of Spacejacked; a 2D character shoots a weapon at red blobby aliens
Spacejacked screenshot (image © Rotten Mage)