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For the fourth year running, the DigiPen (Singapore) Game Awards returned to celebrate the many students who have produced outstanding works in their game project classes. This year’s awards ceremony included 20 awards highlighting various artistic and technical achievements, including an array of awards sponsored by DigiPen (Singapore) industry partners.

The junior-level game KASA, with its innovative concept and detailed artistic execution, took home the “Claude Comair Grand Prize for Game of the Year” award, as well as “Best Audio,” “Koei Tecmo Best Junior Game,” “Students’ Choice of Best Junior Game,” and “Students’ Choice of Game of the Year” awards. KASA is a stylish action-platformer with an emphasis on gliding and combat. Players take on the role of Cassandra, a young woman trained in the “Umbrella Arts” who must avenge her people by taking down four immortal beasts.

Members of DigiPen (Singapore) game team A Salt Studio pose with the trophies and checks awarded to them for the game KASA
A Salt Studio appeared to be the big winner of DigiPen (Singapore) Game Awards 2018 with their game, KASA.

KASA not only delivers high engagement, but also went through a rigorous technical and interactive process during the development stage,” said Mr. Rahul Nath, Department Chair of Game Software Design and Production.

The second- and third-place grand prize awards went to Second Scholar and Phi respectively. In Second Scholar, a game that lets players take on the role of an adventuring spirit, players must bend time to solve challenging environmental puzzles.Phi is a meditative action-adventure game in which the player navigates a snake character through a dark, lonely world — guiding lost souls to their final resting place.

The DigiPen (Singapore) Animation Awards also returned for the second year to honor student film projects across four award categories. Powerless received the “Bandai Namco Best 3D Team Project” award. Trick No Treat won the award for “Best 2D Team Project.” A New Dong by Pang Kai Lun earned the “Best 3D Solo Project” award. And the film Theia Heavy Industries won the “ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Best Visual Development” award.

Members of the DigiPen (Singapore) team behind the winning animated film Theia Heavy Industries pose with Mr. Tan of ST Electronics
Mr. Tan of ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) and Dean of Faculty, Dr. Xin Li with the winner of ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Best Visual Development, Theia Heavy Industries.

All winners for the DigiPen (Singapore) Game Awards and DigiPen (Singapore) Animation Awards received a trophy and certificate for their categories. This is the first year that some of the award categories receive cash prizes by established industry companies such as Ubisoft Singapore, Koei Tecmo, and Bandai Namco Studio Singapore. Even non-game related companies such as Acronis, Autodesk, and ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) have come on board to support, addressing the need to encourage young talents to hone their skills continuously in the game and animation industries.

Please read below for the complete list of winners.

DigiPen (Singapore) Game Awards

Claude Comair Grand Prize for Game of the Year
1st Place: KASA
2nd Place: Second Scholar
3rd Place: Phi

AUTODESK Most Innovative Design

Best User Interface
Eon: Born of Light

Ubisoft Best Multiplayer
Sticker Animal Defense

Ubisoft Best Artificial Intelligence
No Heroes Allowed

Best Physics
Help Slimes!

Best Graphics Technology

KOEI TECMO Best 2D Visual Design
Kopitiam Ong

Best 3D Visual Design

Best Audio

Best Freshman Technology

ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Best Freshman Game

Acronis Best Sophomore Technology

BANDAI NAMCO Best Sophomore Game
No Heroes Allowed

Acronis Best Junior Technology
Help Slimes!

KOEI TECMO Best Junior Game

Students’ Choice of Best Freshman Game

Students’ Choice of Best Sophomore Game

Students’ Choice of Best Junior Game

Students’ Choice of Game of the Year

DigiPen (Singapore) Animation Awards

BANDAI NAMCO Best 3D Team Project

Best 2D Team Project
Trick No Treat

Best Solo Project
A New Dong

ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Best Visual Development
Theia Heavy Industries