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Close to 70 prospective students attended a Workshop Information Session last weekend at DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore. Visitors had a chance to take part in a series of hands-on workshops related to game design and development, computer science, and digital art and animation as they learned more about academics at DigiPen.

In one of the three sessions, Vivek Melwani, Chair and Lecturer for the Game Software Design and Production Department, began with an overview of game design and development and what it means to be a game designer. Lecturer Joseph McGinn presented on a “hack game,” teaching prospective students how to modify an existing game and see how those changes would affect the overall playing experience.

“The attendees were enthusiastic, attentive, and they seemed to have fun with the workshop,” Joseph said.

At the computer science workshop, Dr. Edward Sim, Chair and Assistant Professor of the Computer Science Department, provided an overview on the BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation program while software engineer John Doran had students create a game project using DigiPen’s proprietary ProjectFUN game engine.

On the digital art and animation side, Calvin Tan, Chair and Lecturer of the Fine Arts and Animation Department, presented on games as experiential products and how visual aesthetics play an important role in engaging the player. Principal lecturer Dilip Chaubey offered tips on how to craft an art portfolio for the DigiPen admissions interview.

“Dilip and I were pleased that the workshop attendees were so enthusiastic to experience firsthand the type of education taught at DigiPen,” Calvin said. “It was a great opportunity to interact with all the participants.”

Students finished the day with lunch and intermingled with staff and faculty members.