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The inaugural 2015 DigiPen Game Awards Singapore kicked off with a total of 50 nominations.

The first prize for the Claude Comair Grand Prize for Game of the Year Award, worth $3,000, went to the sophomore game team responsible for Meowchine Mayhem: Cat O’ War.

The second and third prizes (worth $2,000 and $1,000, respectively) went to the junior game teams that made Obelisk and Afterglow.

Congratulations to all the teams who received nominations and awards! A full list of winners can be found below.

List of Awards

Claude Comair Grand Prize for Game of the Year

Most Innovative DesignMeowchine Mayhem: Cat-O-War

Most Engaging GameMeowchine Mayhem: Cat-O-War

Best MultiplayerY’Loth

Best Artificial IntelligenceCircuitor

Best PhysicsObelisk

Best Graphics TechnologyMeowchine Mayhem: Cat-O-War

Best 2D VisualsSoul Slasher Sayaka

Best 3D VisualsMeowchine Mayhem: Cat-O-War

Best Freshman TechnologyPsyber

Best Freshman GameGalactic Abduction Team (G.A.T)

Best Sophomore TechnologyMeowchine Mayhem: Cat-O-War

Best Sophomore GameMeowchine Mayhem: Cat-O-War

Best Junior TechnologyObelisk

Best Junior GameAfterglow