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A cinematic walkthrough of a grimy alien butcher shop that sells intergalactic meat. Created in Unreal Engine 4.

Remote video URL

The Team

  • Ryan Ng Wen Yan

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

Animation Stills

  • Various 3D organs and types of meat sit inside a crude refrigerator
  • Panned out ceiling view of Artyom's buchery floor and display cases
  • A dimly lit buchering area sits next to a closed furnace
  • A singular HUD screen with controls sits stands next to a screen on an adjacent wall
  • Closeup view of a buchering block area with a piece of meat next to a knife on a cutting block
  • A tall closed tubelike smoker device emits red lights with a large power cord on its right side
  • A single angled seat sits atop steps above the buchering area