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A Sci-Fi bionic laboratory that is rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

Remote video URL

The Team

  • Lin Xiang Gan

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

Animation Stills

  • An empty brown padded laboratory chair sits in front of a massive panel screen
  • A single robotic chair sits in a laboratory with multiple screens surrounding it
  • A window with a glowing Stein Industries logo looks onto a room full of large machinery
  • Five screens depicting different pieces of human anatomy are affixed above a desk
  • A futiristic clear keyboard with glowing blue keys sits atop a desk
  • A futuristic laboratory security door illuminated by small blue lights
  • A singular blue screen is mounted against a wall with a larger screen in the background
  • A panned out view of a massive futuristic laboratory with various machinery on the floor and ceiling
  • View of laboratory chair with massive window behind it