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On this page you’ll find our full list of students who graduated in 2022-23. Many have websites* you can refer to.

Degree Program

BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation

NameExpected Date of GraduationLinkedIn ProfilePortfolio Website
Aloysius ChunDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Andrew YongAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Andy Chan Kin SumAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Ang Wei FengApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Benedict LowApril 2023N/AN/A
Benedict TanAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Bernard Cheng Wen JieAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Bryan Choo Chi KeongApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Chong Jun YiApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Chong Nian KaiApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Chuan Guang HaoApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Clarence Chye Min LiangApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Claudia ChanDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Darren Lim Yong KiangApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Darren LinApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Darren Poo Jia WeiApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Darren SimApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Derrick ChiaDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Edwin KhooAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Farzaana Binte RoslanApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Gabriel WongApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Javon LeeAugust 2022N/AN/A
Jeroen TanApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Jerome TiongApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Joel Ong Jia QuanAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Kennard Kee Wei ShengAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Kenneth Ong Teck JianApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Kenric TanApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Kevin HartonoApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Koh Wee AnnApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Lee JianyanApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Lee Jun JieApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Lee Kang RuiApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Lee Liang PingApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Lee Wei YangApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Linus Ng Hao XuanApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Mohamad Shahril Bin Mohamad SazaliApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Ngian Teck WeiAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Ong Hui ShengApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Ryan Ng Li WangApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Simon Chew En YaoApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Suresh ChandraAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Tay Mei ZhengApril 2022LinkedInN/A
Teh Yu YinAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Theon TeoApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Vinceen OonApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Willy LauApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Xie HaozheApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Zayden Chan Jun WeiApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Zhang JianjieAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio

BS in Computer Science and Game Design

NameExpected Date of GraduationLinkedIn ProfilePortfolio Website
Adele SimApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Alan Teo DelunAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Aloysius Quek Wei JingDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Ang Pheng SiangApril 2023N/APortfolio
Anggun Qistina Binte NadimohAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Benjamin Julian Martinez LarinAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Bernard Lim Hong ShengApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Bryan Low Shun QiangApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Chew Wei QiangAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Chng Yong QuanApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Chong Qiao YunnApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Christopher Eng Yong XiangDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Chue Jun HaoDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Clara ChinApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
David De SouzaApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Edwin TeohDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Fikrul Islami Bin AbdullahDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Gary ChuanApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Goh Rui SanAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Goh Wei ZheAugust 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Grace ChuaAugust 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Graeme OngAugust 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Heng Zeng LeApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Ho Jun HaoApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Huang XurongApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Irfan Hidayat Bin RoslandApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Ivan Tan Wei JieAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Jean Lim ZiyiDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Jeffrey Tay Jun ShengDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Joey FooApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Jolyn Wong KaiyiApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Justin Yip Ling KitApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Kenneth YeoApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Kevin NeoDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Khoo Teik YewAugust 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Khoo Teng YenAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Kristy KohDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Law Zhi XuanApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Lee Jun PuApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Lee Shi LinApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Leonard Seam WeihanDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Leong Jun MingAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Leow YumiApril 2023LinkedInNA
Lew Voon KitAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Loh Chang ZhenDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Marcus KohAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Max Thong Weng LokApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Mok Wen QingApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Muhammad Nur Syafaat Bin Mohamed SaatDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Neo Chen KangDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Neo Qi WenApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Ng E-JonAugust 2022N/AN/A
Ng Tian KiatDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Nico WongDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Nicolette ChanDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Nien Wei XiangDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Ong Guan HinDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Ong Hui MinAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Samuel Chee Kum KeongAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Samuel Chia Yi LongAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Shawn Cheah ChenxuanApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Shawn Leow Wei KwangApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Sherman PangApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Tan Chor YeongApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Tan Tong WeeAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Tan Wei JieAugust 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Tan Zi JunApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Teo Chin MingApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Tian YuAugust 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Toh Gim HsiangDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Toh Kai LiangDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Troy LowApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Wong Kin KayApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Wong Zi FengAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Yap JunxianAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Yap Yong WoonDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Yee Yi LinAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Yeow Eng HawApril 2023LinkedInN/A

BEng in Systems Engineering (ElectroMechanical Systems)

NameExpected Date of GraduationLinkedIn ProfilePortfolio Website
Aloysius Chee Boon LoongApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Aloysius Kee Wen JieAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Andy Koh Eng YewApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Belinda Soh Hui HuiApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Benjamin Tan Jun RongAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Bryann Low Ee RayApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Calvin Jeremy MilnerAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Darren Au Xian YongAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Fam Zhan RuiApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Jeremy Chia Hong WeiAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Joel Chua Jun AnAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Kalyani AlagappanApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Lim Jing XuanAugust 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Loh Jun WenApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Lucas Tan Jui HungAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Melvin Ang Jian PengApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Muhammad Nur Afiq Bin AbdemanafApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Ng Yang KaiAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Siow Jing LongApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Syam Ang Bin Qadir Ang AbdullahAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Tan Hui ShanAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Tay Xiang WeiDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Toh Hui LiApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Ye XinzhongApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Yohannes Ignatius KartikaAugust 2023LinkedInN/A

BA in Game Design

NameExpected Date of GraduationLinkedIn ProfilePortfolio Website
Ashley Khang Zhi ChunAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Bill Koh Tiang MengAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Brina Chia Cai EnApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Chong Teck HsunAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Chu Rui HengDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Darren LowDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Denis Wee Ming ChongAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Denny Liong Yong AnDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Elcoms Khang Jun DeApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Foo Jia JingAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Ho Qi HaoApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Jade Tam Ting YingApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Janelle TanDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Jordan ChooApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Khoo Kean FaiApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Koh Jin PengApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Lee Wei LiangApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Lee Yan YiApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Leok Boon SiangDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Lim Jia WeiApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Michael SeahApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Muhammad Haseif Bin SurahmanApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Muhammad Muhaimin Bin ManapApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Muhammad Zulfa Fathin Bin ZubirDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Nazrul Izuan Bin Abdul HadiApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Ng Sze YingApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Ng Yu LunDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Ong Yong ZhengAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Paolo Emil Milleza BuenaflorAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Sheryl Boh ZhenxuanApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Tay Jia WangAugust 2022LinkedInN/A
Toh Boon WeeApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Toinh Way JieApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Wang ChengDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Wong Sui YangApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Woo Seik YeeDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Yeo Wan LingApril 2022LinkedInPortfolio

BFA in Digital Art and Animation

NameExpected Date of GraduationLinkedIn ProfilePortfolio Website
Andrew Yip Zhen HongApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Ang Kai YanApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Ang YimingAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Benjamin HoweDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Bryan AngApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Callista Ng Jing YiApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Chen Ya LiApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Choo Jian HaoApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Dian Asyiqin Binte Lokman O MahatDecember 2022LinkedInN/A
Fu FangLongAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Gan Lin XiangApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Geoffrey Noel SantosAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Gideon Yeo Wei ShunApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Heidi NgApril 2023LinkedInN/A
Ho Kiam TeckDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Ho Ying HuiApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Hoo Xin JieDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Johnna ChengApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Loo Yin YinApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Low Shao XunAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Muhammad Izzuddin Bin Muhammad SuandiDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Neo Shi JieApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Ng YiwenApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Pang Chen XiApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Rena Heng Zhi QiAugust 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Ryan LauDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Ryan NgApril 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Sundramoorthy NagarajDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Tan Xing HaoAugust 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Teena Martina Binti Mohammad AzmanDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio
Teo Miao SanDecember 2022LinkedInPortfolio

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