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On this page you’ll find our full list of students who graduated in 2023-24. Many have websites* you can refer to.

Degree Program

BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation

NameExpected Date of GraduationLinkedIn ProfilePortfolio Website
Ang Xuan Ming AustenApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Chan Shu Xian JemimahApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Cheah Hui Heng KennethApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Chen Yen HsunApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Chew Ying Ying CassandraApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Chia Yi DaApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Chua Teck LeeApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Chua Yee Chen DanielApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Chua Yih FeiApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Darrick ChingApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Diren D BharwaniApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Dunross Mendoza David PatrickApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Ee Xuan En ArvinApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Foong Wei Sheng WilsonApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ho Yi GuanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Huang Wensong OwenApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Khong Ming Fei DeonApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Khoo Wei QiAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Koh Yan Wei BryanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Kong Ning Ning Jamie ThomasApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Lee Hon Han LeonardApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Lee Jia KeatApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Lee JianyanApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Lee Wei ChangApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Lee Yu TingApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Leong Cheng Onn DarrylApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Liew Ruiheng RaynerApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Lim Yi QinApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Loh Xiao QiApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Loh Yun XuanApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Mak Zhe Hao Brandon GeranApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Mira D/o LankatharanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Mohamad Syaakir Bin Mohamad NasrilApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Muhammad Syafiq Bin Muhammad IsmailApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ng Jun Hwee WilfredApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Nishanthi D/o RamakrishnanAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Nur Syazwan Bin SyamsuddinDecember 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Ong Si En MatthiasApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ow Jian WenApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Ow Yong JarellApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Poh Yi Han EdwinApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Rolly Matthew CruzApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Sakthiish S/o VijayadassAugust 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Sanford Donavern Ang Rui XianApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Seet Min YiApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Shaikh Faid Bin OmarDecember 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Shaun KeckApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Sri Sham Haran S/o R RajaApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Tan Guan Xu VictorDecember 2023LinkedInN/A
Tan Kai XinApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Tan WeilinApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Tay Zhao Yang ZacharyApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ting Shu MeiApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Tng Kah WeiApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Voon Xue Li AbigailApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Wong Wei HaoAugust 2024LinkedInN/A
Woon Ting TingApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Yan Hong Rui DerwinApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Yap Ming HanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio

BS in Computer Science and Game Design

NameExpected Date of GraduationLinkedIn ProfilePortfolio Website
Chiang Jun MingDecember 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Chua Shuet Ting GraceAugust 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Lee Jian HerngAugust 2023LinkedInN/A
Wee Ding WeiDecember 2023LinkedInN/A
Zhang HongyaoDecember 2023LinkedInPortfolio

BS in Computer Science Interactive Media and Game Development

NameExpected Date of GraduationLinkedIn ProfilePortfolio Website
Bee Xiu YinApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Chan Zheng YuApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Cheong Wenhao CedricApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Chng Nai Wei KeithApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Egi TanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Er Kai Xuan JeremyApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Glence LowApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Goh See Yong DeniseApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Hau Hui YangApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ho Sing Nam NoelApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Jolyn WongApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Kevin BongApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Koh Chun Rou SabrielApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Koh Le An LeonardApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Lau Cheong Kin DallasApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Lim Min YeApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Lim Wee BoonApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Lim Yi Shan JonathanApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Lim Yu XiApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Lim Zi QingApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Liu KeApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Loh Yong ZhengApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Muhammad Amirul Bin Zaol-KefliApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Neo Ting Wei TerrenceApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ning ZailinApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Peh Shi HaoApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Phang Jia RongApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Pho Kai TingAugust 2024LinkedInN/A
Phua Si-Yu ZandraApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Quah Joon Hui ConantApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Ryan-Cecil Lim Xuan XianApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
See Yong LiApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Tan Teng Shue SolomonApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Tan Wei Han ReuvenApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Tan Yi Xuan CedricApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Tan Zhuo Yao JoelApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Tay Yan Chong ClarenceApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Teh Kai Hong BryanApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Tey Ming Yao JeromeApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Tham Chi Sheng GaryApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Timothy Josceff Magbitang ToribioApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Toh Kai Li GwendalynApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Toh Wing Kei JovynApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Vanessa LuoApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Wang Nian Jing RyanApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Yen Fu Sheng BorisApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Yew Jia ZhengApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Yew Kai Jie SebastianApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Yu Ching YinApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Zhou WanxuanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Zhuo YijianApril 2024LinkedInN/A

BEng in Systems Engineering (ElectroMechanical Systems)

NameExpected Date of GraduationLinkedIn ProfilePortfolio Website
Hoon Tien Yu ClarenceApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Isaac PhoiApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Lai Jing Jun, EugeneApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Lee Kang JieApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Lim Yong Keat LucasApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Lim Yu Zhi, AndreApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Mohamad Yus Amirul Bin Mohamed TahirApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Muhammad Shadiqin Bin SarninApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Natsinee PhatchararuangkijApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Phua Si Ren SiriusApril 2024LinkedInN/A
See Toh Ming KaeApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Tan Jun Kai BrychersonApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Thien Yun KaiApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio

BA in Game Design

NameExpected Date of GraduationLinkedIn ProfilePortfolio Website
Lim Wan ChyiApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Teoh Tian Hong DanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Toh Boon WeeApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Toinh Way JieDecember 2023LinkedInPortfolio

BA in User Experience and Game Design

NameExpected Date of GraduationLinkedIn ProfilePortfolio Website
Ang Chee Hao BransonApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Chan Jing Wen, DeandraApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Chan Kang Er KennethApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Chen JinghongApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Fatyn Nadhrah D/o Habibulla MaricanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Foo Hui Shi VenusApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Foo Jia Le DelvinApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Germaine Lee WenApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ho See Lek CelesteApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Hoon Wei Zhi JoelApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Kee Peng Ping SandyApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Kek Jia WeiApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Khaw Shao Qi SethDecember 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Koh Min ErnApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Lee Xitung PhoebeApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Lim Ji Wei GavinApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Lim Tze Han ConstanceApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Low Jia Lin JerlynApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Mah Jia Ning CharmaineApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ng Jia YiApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ng Wei Hao DonovanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ng Xian WenApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ong Jie YuAugust 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Randall ChuaApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Sim Pei YeeApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Sim Zheng Han, BryanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Tan Jia JingApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Tan Lee Wen NicoleApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Teh Hui YunApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Teo Li YiApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Toh Pei ShanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Toh Xin YiApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Wang AoApril 2024LinkedInN/A
Wang ShensiApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Wong Jun Xiang KeithApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Yip Hughes LirenApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio

BFA in Digital Art and Animation

NameExpected Date of GraduationLinkedIn ProfilePortfolio Website
Ang Xue LiApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Bee Wei JingApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Chan Kai Ting, JoeyApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Chee Si YongApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Choo Kai Min BryanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Fariz Izwan Bin AmirhamzsaApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Heng Hwee YeeApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ho Pin RuAugust 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Hum Yu Xin RachelApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Kent Louis BorbonApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Lee Chun Loong Joshua MarcDecember 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Lee Shuyun CeciliaApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Lim Hui ShanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Lin ShulinApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Lin YueyangApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ling Qi Rong DocsonApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Loo Jing Ying DylanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ma He Yun, LynelleApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Megan LeeApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ng Wan TingApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Ng YiwenAugust 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Phua Ying Si HazelApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Reuben TanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Sim Kwang Yi MatthewApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Song ZhijunApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Tan Shu Hua RachelDecember 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Tan Teck YangApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Tan Wei Xiang NicholasAugust 2023LinkedInPortfolio
Tan Xinyi ClarisseApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Tang Wei Hua DarrellApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Tiong Ru Wei, CelesteApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio
Yap Zheng HanApril 2024LinkedInPortfolio

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