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The following tools are required for the MET1300 (Computer Environment) and MET1301 (Digital Electronics) modules. You should have these tools ready before the trimester starts. These tools are not just for both modules, but also for other hardware-related courses in this joint degree program and your future engineering career. You are not obliged to purchase any of the tools if you already have them or if your tools have better specifications than those we require.

All items can be purchased through the element14 online store. Refer to your orientation email for an education discount.

A digital multimeter is a required tool used to measure electric currents and voltage. We recommend the Tenma 72-13440 or Tenma 72-13430 (both available at element14), but you can also use a digital multimeter with these minimum specifications:

  • DC voltage measurement range: 200mV to 250V
  • AC voltage measurement range: Up to 250V
  • DC current measurement range: 2000µA to 10A
  • AC current measurement: Optional
  • Resistance measurement range: 200Ω to 200MΩ
  • Must include 0-1999 number display, manual range selection, continuity buzzer, overload alarm, and low battery indicator

Additional required materials include:

  • Long-nose plier – For working with mechanical stubs and breadboard wiring.
  • Wire stripper and cutter – A tool for removing the protective coating of wire and cutting soft lead wires.
  • Tweezer – Used to pick up and move wires with precision.
  • Side cutter – Used for cutting copper and soft lead wires.
  • Philips head screwdriver – A tool designed to work with the Phillips screw.
  • Slotted screwdriver – A second screwdriver designed for slotted screws.
  • You must bring the digital multimeter, as well as the first four items from the list, to your first MET1300 lab session.

If you have queries regarding the tools needed for these classes, please email the MET1300 and MET1301 instructor, Dr. Ng Kian Ann, at