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Number of Credits and GPA

The BEng in Mechatronics Systems degree program requires completion of at least 240 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. The program usually spans nine trimesters of 15 weeks each, within a total of four academic years.

Grade Requirements

Students must receive a grade of “E” (or 1.0 quality points) or higher in all modules for this program. A “Pass” mark must be received for all modules with a “Pass” or “Fail” grade.

Required Courses

Subject AreaCreditsRequired Courses
Computer Science28SEM1002 Computer Environment
SEM1503 High-Level Programming 1
SEM1504 High-Level Programming 2
SEM3503 Modern C++ Design Patterns
SEM4505 Data Structures
Electrical and Computer Engineering32SEM2305 Electric Circuits
SEM1302 Digital Electronics 1
SEM3302 Digital Electronics 2
SEM2306 Embedded Microcontroller Systems
SEM4405 Robotics
SEM4307 Control Systems
Humanities and Social Science17SEM1901 Composition
SEM1902 Interpersonal and Work Communication
SEM2700 Career Planning and Development
SEM3802 The Engineer and Society
Mathematics32SEM1103 Calculus and Analytic Geometry 1
SEM1104 Calculus and Analytic Geometry 2
SEM2106 Calculus and Analytic Geometry 3
SEM3104 Linear Algebra
SEM3105 Differential Equations
SEM4108 Probability and Statistics
Mechanical Engineering15SEM1401 Computer Aided Design
SEM1402 Engineering Fabrication
SEM2403 ElectroMechanical Design
Physics18SEM2204 Motion Dynamics
SEM2205 Waves, Optics, and Thermodynamics
SEM3203 Electricity and Magnetism
Systems Engineering44SEM1601 Systems and Software Engineering
SEM2602 Systems and Project Management
SEM2603 Electric Circuits
SEM4610 Model-Based Systems Engineering
SEM4605 Systems Modeling and Simulation
SEM4606 Risk and Decision Analysis
SEM4607 Systems Integration, Verification and Validation
SEM4608 Large Scale Systems
Systems Engineering Projects54SEM1003 System Engineering Project 1
SEM2004 System Engineering Project 2
SEM2005 System Engineering Project 3
SEM4007 Capstone Project 1
SEM4008 Capstone Project 2
SEM3700 Integrated Work Study Programme

Note on General Education Courses

The following courses satisfy the general education requirement for this program: SEM1902 (4), SEM1901 (4), SEM2106 (5), SEM3104 (5), SEM3802 (4), SEM1103 (6), SEM1104 (6), SEM2204 (6), SEM2202 (6) and SEM2203 (6) for a total of 52 credits.

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