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Number of Credits and GPA

The BEng in Mechatronics Systems degree program requires completion of at least 240 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. The program usually spans 11 trimesters of 15 weeks each, within a total of four academic years.

Grade Requirements

Students must receive a grade of “D” (or 1.0 quality points) or higher in all modules for this program. A “Pass” mark must be received for all modules with a “Pass” or “Fail” grade.

Required Courses

Subject AreaCreditsRequired Courses
Computer Science44Computer Environment
High-Level Programming 1
High-Level Programming 2
Modern C++ Design Patterns
Data Structures
Computer Networks
Supervised Machine Learning
Digital Competency Essentials
Electrical and Computer Engineering30Electric Circuits
Digital Electronics
Embedded Microcontroller Systems
Control Systems
Humanities and Social Science19The Engineer and Society
Critical Thinking & Communicating
Introduction to Design Innovation
Interdisciplinary Design Innovation
Social Innovation Project 3
Mathematics18Mathematics 1
Mathematics 2
Mathematics 3
Mechanical Engineering12Engineering Graphics
Engineering Fabrication
ElectroMechanical Design
Physics12Engineering Physics 1
Engineering Physics 2
Systems Engineering42Systems and Software Engineering
Systems and Project Management
Electric Circuits
Model-Based Systems Engineering
Risk and Decision Analysis
Large Scale Systems
Requirement Engineering and Systems Architecture
Systems Engineering Projects63System Engineering Project 1
System Engineering Project 2
System Engineering Project 3
Capstone Project
Integrated Work Study Programme

Note on General Education Courses

The following courses satisfy the general education requirement for this program:

  • Digital Competency Essential
  • Critical Thinking and Communicating
  • Introduction to Design Innovation
  • Mathematics 1
  • Mathematics 2
  • Engineering Physics 1
  • Engineering and Society
  • Interdisciplinary Design Innovation
  • Social Innovation Project
  • Mathematics 3
  • Engineering Physics 2
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